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Melbourne, November 12, 1873.

Fat cattle-The market was supplied with 862 head for the week, consisting for the most part of good quality, with one exceptionally prime lot from "Wyadra," on the Lachlan. Sales went off satisfactorily at prices fully equal to last week,

market closing firm.

We quote good and prime bullocks as selling at from £9 10s. to £12; a few pens to £3 10s. Second quality and middling bullocks at from £7 to £9; others from £5 10s. Good and prime cows at from £7 10s. to £10; a few head to £10 12s. 6d. Second quality and middling cows at from £5 10s. to £6 10s; inferior cows from £4. The Wyadra bullocks made the excellent average of £12, cows, £9 17s. 6d. We have sold 194 head bullocks and cows for John Jackson, Esq., Boree Creek, Riverina, at for bullocks from £9 to £I1 7s. 6d., averaging £9 13s.; and cows at from £6 15s. to £8 2s. 6d., averaging £7 4s. 8d.

Fat calves were short supplied, only 60 head being penned, prices ruled high. We have sold 10 for Mr R Cherry, Seaford, from £3 to £3 2s. 6d., averaging £3 2s, and a draft for Mr Wnm. Cherry, junr., Kororoit Park, from £2 14s., to £3 11s, averaging £3 0s. 2d., and 6 for Mr M'lntyre, at from £2 to £3 18s.

Fat sheep.- This market was supplied with 21,200 head for the week, the majority consisting of middling and second quality-the number of good and prime wethers being limited. The majority of the ewes forward, however, were very good. The sheep in wool, having lost condition, are not now so much in demand, the trade preferring shorn sheep.

We quote useful wethers in wool 13s. to 15s. 6d. Queensland, at from 11s. to 12s. 3d. Culls, 10s; ewes, 11s. Good and prime shorn wethers at from 8s. 6d. to 9s. 3d.; a few, 10s. 6d. Second quality and middling wethers at from 7s. to 8s. Good and prime shorn ewes, 8s. to 9s.; a few, 9s. 6d. Second quality and middling ewes, 6s. to 7s. We have sold a few ewes in wool at 10s., and shorn at 7s.

Fat lambs.-This market was supplied with 2,004 head for the week, a large proportion being of good quality. Prices upon the whole were a shade easier, Quotations--Best lambs in wool made 8s. to 9s. 6d.; second quality, 6s. to 7s ; shorn, from 4s. 6d. to 7s. We have sold 150 in the wool at 8s.; also 830 shorn at 6s.

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