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(From Our Own Correspondent)

Once more fair face of nature has, assured its all but summer garb. The floral beauty of the hills and dales, the verdure of the general aspect, the joyous and varied notes of the feathered songsters - all combine to produce an inward feeling that tends to cheer the ushering in of another summer. And although we have shaken hands. with the hoary spring for another twelve months, we do not rejoice over the departure of that antiquated myth, but shall be glad to welcome his return. The general state of matters on Gobur is satisfactory, that is, taking all things into consideration. Our dams look well, our mines are improving; and thus whist we have corn and balm, why would we complain?

We will very shortly have two more plants erected - one on the Just in Time (Cumming and Co ), and one on the Albion (Addis and Co)

The Triumph Co are obtaining very satisfactory returns from their main drives and cross-cuts and good results are anticipated when blocking operation are in process. The main south level is now in nearly 500ft., - and for that distance the ground is sectioned ready for blocking. Yield for the past fortnight, 20oz.

The Albion Co. have bottomed their shaft at a depth of 100ft. I am not informed as to the precise amount of gold obtained off the bottom but from what I can hear I believe it, is considered payable, so much so that Mr Adldis now negotiating for the erection of machinery.

Tenders are called for the carriage of the plant for the Just in Time from Longwood. When this plant is erected it will be a boon to the place, as it is want that has been such felt on Gobur for some years past. There are many reefs on our ranges that would pay to prospect when the stone can be crushed at a reasonable figure.

We concur and sympathise with Mr Whitelaw in the views enunciated by him at the political meeting in Melbourne, and feel assured that the permanent prosperity and consequent stability of this fair land, the centre flower in the garden of Australia, depends upon the pursuance of a protective policy by our Government for some years to come, until we are able to make a fair stand upon a solid basis, and compete advantageously with foreign importations.

I am glad to see that temperance has gained a sincere advocate in “G E S." No doubt the exertions of such men have gained and will continue to gain the serious consideration of all thinking men, and by a consistent persistence in the cause they have embraced their effort will from time to time doubtless he rewarded by additions to their ranks of immoderate as well as moderate drinkers, and their arguments in favor of the disuse of intoxicants will always be heard with pleasure and advantage.

I wonder what pleasure there can be in exhuming the buried and extinct embers of dissension and person recrimination and fanning them into a rayless flame. Surely 'tis not edifying. If a matter requires eclaircissement, can it not be done by the use of isodeation? I wonder if it would not be better to hoist the white flag and throw oil on the troubled waters. Tis always a pity to see the cultured mind descend to so fruitless a task, where from neither amusement nor instruction can be gained.


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