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Sept. 16.

I have from time to time kept you au courant ns to the precise state of our mines, and have always made special note of any change in the administration of our mining affairs. Upon this occasion I will claim your indulgence if I digress from my usual curt report of our several companies now in operation. I need scarcely remind your readers that for some years past Gobur has passed from one struggle to another in mining matters, and I regret to say that we cannot claim exemption from that state yet. Notwithstanding that many thousands of pounds have been expanded in endeavoring to develope our auriferous resources, and will the exception of the original companies started in the early days of the place at the head of the lead, all have failed to pay one single shilling as a dividend, albeit the New Gobur Company from the time of starting operations to the date of their discontinuance yielded some thing over l0oz. to the machine. How that amount failed to keep the company in active operation is best known to, those officially connected with the late New Gobur. In any other part of the colony such yields would have been considered dividend paying. Not so by this company, and I know not why. Of this much I am perhaps – that many thousands of pounds' worth of gold is now lost to us through the inundation of this fine claim, with an efficient and powerful plant standing inactive.

The Triumph Co. did not do much work in the hands of the promoters. After the erection of machinery and the sinking of their shaft operations were then suspended for 12 months, until the mine was satisfactorily let on tribute to the present party. The conditions of tribute appear to meet the views of the contracting parties, and I am informed by Mr Dillon, this manager, that the present aspect of matters is very satisfactory to all concerned. The party appears to be a very efficient body of men, and as they are absolute shareholders in the concern until the term of tribute expires, they will no doubt see the advantage of unanimity of notion in all matters concerning their individual and collective interest. Should this company fail to make the ground pay on blocking operations being commenced, I can only say that the flat, so far as that portion of the lead is concerned, is not worth a penny per oze for mining purposes. The gentleman to whom the management has been entrusted appears to posses all the qualities so essential in a leader.Mr Ayers is the company’s locum tenens and engineer.

The Victory, after working for nearly, two years, and after having expended a capital amounting to some five or six thousand pounds has now suspended operations. It is certainly through no want of energy on their part that they are obliged to stop, at least for the present. It is most unfortunate that the lead in this company's ground is something like 700 feet wide, and as a natural consequence, on a poor lead it is too wide to be payable - that is, at the precise spot where the present shaft is situated - but it does not follow that the lead is not payable where it is narrower, and there is little doubt that it will get narrower both north and south of the present workings. As a case in point, I might cite the Triumph, where the load does not exceed 100 feet on the average.

The Albion G M Co.- This is a co operative company lately started by Messrs Addis, Bulmer, and others on a portion of the ground lately occupied by the New Gobur Co. The shaft is down about 60 feet, and the party expects to strike the lead in the course of next week.

The Triumph Co. Gobur, for the past fortnight obtained 20oz.

The machinery for the Just in Time Company (Messrs Cummings and Co.) is expected in the course of next week.


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