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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns

Wodonga kiewaTx2.html

Kiewa [[../plA_B/beechwT2.html|../plA_B/beechwT2.html]]


History at Kergunia before the KellyGang

First taken up in 1838 by George Kinchington an overlander from New South Wales for Morrice and McKenzie (11,000 acres)

In 1876 the license was held by Francis Henry Shadforth, ? acres, license fee half year £25

Where did the name Kergunia come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

Michael Burke, 100a, Simmonds had pegged before the land was available (OMA20/2/1879)

Agnes Ivers, 75a 0r 36p and 105a 0r 12p Kergunyah. Applicant desired an alteration on the survey; recommended as it is

J M McAuliffe 119a 3r 39p

A W Seymour 25a Aplicant was aware of the directions of the road, and that the ground was frequently under water.

Mr D Wallace, objected to this piece as being frontage, and being the owner of the adjoining land would have to fence off a quantity of land; recommended, subject to exercise of 1 ½ chain frontage. Also 91a 1r 1p Kergunyah; recommended

Thomas Cooper 30a The area was not so large as imagined. Recommended that the land be valued under the 40th section, and the further be allowed to purchase.



Original neighbouring properties


What was Kergunia like in the late 1870's

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Rivers Creeks and Hills near Kergunia

What happened at Kergunia after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Kergunia today