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  On Saturday last he was in the bedroom of the hut with two of the constables, and at half past they heard a knock, and Constables Duross went into the bedroom.  Their instructions were to remain in the hut during the day, and to keep from the observation of the public.  He heard a voice saying, “Sherritt, I’ve lost my way, and Mrs Sherritt said, “Aaron, go out and show him.”  He immediately afterwards heard a shot, quickly followed by another one.  He said, “Take your arms my boys, the Kellys are here.  They had a shot run and revolvers each in the room with them.  Shortly afterwards he heard Mrs Barry say, “Aaron is shot.”  He went to the bedroom window to fire, but could not see anything in the darkness, and a bullet (produced) passed close to his head.  Five or six shots were fired through the walls, and he heard a voice outside say, “Come out and surrender, or we’ll roast you.”  They all replied in a loud tone of voice, “We will die first.”  He then went to fire in the direction in which he heard voices, but could not, as Mrs Barry and Mrs Sherritt were in the way.  They then tried to make port holes, but could not, and he said, “Men, have you any suggestion to make.”  Our conduct will be severely commented upon unless we make a bold stand.”  He asked each man separately, "Will you follow if I charge them,” and they all answered, “Yes,” but agreed to wait for a better chance.  They remained quiet for a while.  The candle went out and he closed both doors.  The looked o0ut, but could see nobody.  They heard voices at intervals up till daylight, when he and another constable went around the hose, and found that the outlaws had gone.  At about 7 o’clock he wrote a note, and gave it to a Chinaman to take to Beechworth, but the Chinaman returned shortly afterwards without delivering the note.  He then sent the note to Mr O'Donoghue for delivery, and that gentleman said he would deliver the message, but he was afraid he would be shot.  Messages were also given to two other persons, bu as they were not delivered, he started for Beechworth, and taking a horse from a person he met, reached town shortly after 1 o’clock.  At the time the firing was going on he heard whistling in the rear of the house, but he could not command the door without leaving bedroom, and so soon as he left the bedroom he would be between two fires.

To the Coroner: I have every reason to believe that the outlaws knew our whereabouts.

To the Juryman:  When O’Donoghue returned he was afraid the outlaws were watching him.

Constable Alexander corroborated last witness’s evidence.

Constable Armstrong re called, testified to the correctness of a ground plan of the house produced.

The coroner briefly expressed his opinion that the cause of the death of Aaron Sherritt was gunshot wounds wilfully inflicted by Joseph Byrne and Daniel Kelly his accessory.

A juryman was of opinion that at all inquests it was necessary for the prisoner to be present.He thought Ned Kelly should be in attendance.

A verdict was returned in accordance with the opinion expressed by the coroner.



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Mr Tone JP., held a magisterial inquiry at the hospital to day on the body of John Jones and found that the boy was accidentally shot.

The inquiry on the bodies of Hart and Dan Kelly was not held.Brickerton with Mr Ely to act as clerk was in readiness to start at 9am as appointed, when it turned out that the police had not provided a conveyance and that they could not procure one in the town. After some delay Superintendent Sadleir telegraphed to get a magistrate’s certificate authorising the burial of the bodies. This was obtained from Mr Tone, and sent out to Greta and the funeral proceeded.

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