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As Tom Brown was expected back that night from Euroa, and as he was bringing money to pay me, I went to meet him. This was on the 21th of February, and at about 11 o'clock at night, and about a mile from Noble's place, I saw Brown driving his cart, and three other drays following him. One of the drays belonged to — Four men on horseback, well mounted, emerged from the scrub, and rode up to —'s dray. They took a quantity of provisions from it, and rode away. Suspecting that they were the Kellys I got behind a tree, and made back for Brown's hut. Next morning — followed me about for an hour or so, threatening to chop my ears off if I did not leave the district. He did this in the presence of the Browns. Whilst — was threatening me, Tom Brown asked him "Who were those fellows who met you last night and got tucker?" — replied, "Oh, they were hands from Wilson's station ; " to which Brown rejoined, "That be — ; they were the Kellys." I afterwards inquired at Mr Donald Wilson's, and found that none of his men were out at any time that night. I then went by North Creek to Violet Town, and reported the matter to Sergeant Johnson. I arrived at Violet Town on Friday, and on the following Saturday Sergeant Johnson sent me to Benalla, and there I reported what I had seen and heard to Inspector Sadlier and Superintendent Nicolson. Nothing was done, however, and I started back towards Tableland on Saturday.

I travelled all night, and at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning was changing my socks by the roadside when a man named —, well known in Violet Town, came up to me with a rifle. He conversed about the Kellys, and he said that 50,000 men could not catch them. He had got a hint that I was a detective, and next day he went to Euroa and reported that I was feeding the Kellys. He has plenty of bullets   on him, and supplied me with some. After leaving him I went to Haley's station, where I met "Spider," the black tracker. Spider said he had repeatedly shown the police where the Kellys were and that he was sure they were in the Strathbogie Ranges. I returned to Nobles claim, and on a Sunday morning about the beginning of March—I am not quite sure of the date, but my letters to the police will fix that—I saw a dray containing provisions go up the ranges. It was driven by a man named —, who lives in the neighbourhood. I asked his children where he was going, and they said he was going for bark.

On the following Monday morning I went towards North Creek, and falling sick on the way, lay suffering from fever for four days under a rock. On recovering, I got to a selectors place, and obtained refreshments. The selector's name was Morley. I then set out for Violet Town to get some medicine. On my way I met a selector, named, I think, Griffiths, and stayed at his place two days. In travelling about the bush there I frequently saw the remains of wild pigs that had been shot. There are many wild pigs there, and nobody would bother about shooting them except the Kellys. The people in the district are quite sure the Kellys are amongst them, and from the inquiries I made I traced the gang from Whittlesea through the Alexandra Ranges, to Mount Bulla and Greta, and then down to the Strathbogie Ranges. They were in the vicinity of Whittlesea in the beginning of February. I saw them—or rather I am confident I saw them—on the 24th of February in the Blue Range. Griffiths volunteered to take me to some huts which he said were known to be used by the Kellys, but I was not strong enough for much further exertion, and therefore went on to Wangaratta, and returned at once to Melbourne. I forgot to mention that when travelling once with Tom Brown to Euroa, a man named Proud followed me, and represented to people that I had been feeding the Kellys, whilst to myself he said, that if I stayed longer in the district I would suffer. When returning from Euroa, I saw four mounted men shooting pigs at the head of the North Creek. They were young fellows but whether they were the Kellys or not I cannot say."


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