The Ovens and Murray Advertiser 7/1/1879 (2)

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Dr John Nicholson, gave evidence during the trial of Mrs Kelly at the Beechworth Assizes on October 9, 1878

"On April 16 I was called to the police barracks Benalla, to see Constable Fitzpatrick. Examined his left wrist, found two wounds, one a ragged one and the other a clean incision. They might have been produced by a bullet-that is, the outside wound. There could not have been much loss of blood.” (In the doctor's opinion the other wound could been caused by a bullet.)

To Mr Bowman (for the defence).-"I didn't probe the wound, so do not know if the two wounds were connected. There was a smell of brandy on him. A constable present said Fitzpatrick had had some drink. It was merely a skin wound.”

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