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One of the original squatting runs in the Kelly Country

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History at Yarrawonga before the KellyGang

  On the Murray River north west of Wangaratta. See also the town of Yarrawonga

First taken up in in about 1838 by George Kinchington but he does not seem to have stayed long.

The run was taken up by Elizabeth Hume (sister-in-law of the explorer, Hamilton Hume), in1842.

She acquired the Yarroweya [later Yarrawonga] run on the Murray following the murder of her first husband by bushrangers in 1840.

Elizabeth Hume's homestead, Byramine, was built in 1842 and is on the Australian and Victorian historic buildings registers. It is in the locality of Burramine,which is about 14 km. west of Yarrawonga.

Charles Henry Barber married his first cousin, Mary Hume, a daughter of Elizabeth Hume

In 1876 the licence was owned by J Rutherford, 67,200 acres


Map Where did the name Yarrawonga (Yarroweya) come from

The name is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal word meaning place where the wonga pigeon rested, or water running over rock.

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

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Murray River

What was Yarrawonga like in the late 1870's

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Inspector Brooke Smith was at Yarrawonga (Argus9/11/78)

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