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This is the, place where a bridge is about being erected over the Goulburn at an expense of £1240. The pure waters of the Howqua here mingle with the muddy waters of the Goulburn. By means of this bridge a good road will be opened up alone the Valley of the Goulburn from Tallarook to Jamieson, which will be the nearest road for reaching the proposed railway, which will be used for goods and passenger traffic by all the people of Wood's Point, Gaffney's, Jamieson, Enoch's Point; Darlingford, Thornton, Alexandra, Godfrey's and Yea.


The township was originally established as a depot for Wood's Point, at a time when that place could only be reached with goods by packing on horseback, and at the time when it required a man of Captain Blowhard's indomitable pluck and perseverance to encounter a journey to the mountain land of gold and gullibility. The packers became storekeepers and men of considerable wealth, but when the Yarra Track was opened, up, Jamieson gradually declined as a depot for Wood's Point, and now it depends on the resources of its own neighborhood and a portion of the traffic to Wood's Point, especially during the winter, when the Yarra Track becomes impassable. As soon as the road up the Valley of the Goulburn, has been opened via the Howqua bridge, then Jamieson will become prosperous again. In the meantime, it is in a languishing condition, and, their, neighbors at Mansfield are attempting to take advantage of this to rob them of their Court of General Sessions.

This, however, the Jamiesonians are determined to resit to the death. The Court House at Jamieson is a substantial building. The District Superintendent of Police has his head-quarters adjoining with the gaol and police camp, altogether forming a some what imposing array of Government building. The horse-bridge over the Goulburn, at the lower approach to the township, is a cheap and useful construction having cost only about £75. The Jamieson River is a beautiful clear stream of water, and shows a remarkable difference between it and Goulburn which it joins a little below the township. There are several good hotels in Jamieson; the principal one is kept by Mr Dobb, and for comfort, accommodation, and attention is not surpassed by any hotel in the district.

The township has also a well conducted newspaper - theJamieson Chronicle, which has been established for some time, a branch of the Colonial Bank, and telegraph station. The mountain scenery around is picturesque and grand. As a frontier town to the back mountainous country of Wood's Point, Jamieson will always be a place of considerable importance. A County Court; Court of Mines, and Court of General Sessions are held every three months. Every place has its hobby, and so has Jamieson. For the past two years they have talked of getting a flour mill, but the project seems as far off as ever.

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