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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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James Babington 28th July 1870

I write you these lines hoping to find you and Mist Nickilson in good health as I am myself at present I have arrived safe and I would like you would see what you and Mistr Nickilson could do for me I have done all circumstances would allow me which you now try what you con do answer this letter as soon as possible direct your letter to Daniel Kelly gretta post office that is my name no more at present

Edward Kelly

every one looks on me like A black snake send me

An answer me as soon as posable

”The Sheriff. - Sir, - I adopt Mr Gaunson’s letter received by you this day, and in reply to your query, beg to state that I am without means of defence, and wish the Crown to employ Mr Molesworth as my counsel, through Mr Gaunson as my attorney.  October 16, 1880.  EDWARD KELLY (X his mark).  Witness―Patrick Long, warder.’ (Argus19/10/80)

Ned Kelly submitted a statement to the Executive Council after his conviction (Argus5/11/80)

Ned Kelly dictated a number of letters to the Chief Secretary in the days before his death (Argus12/11/80)

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