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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.


General Colonial Politics

The time of the KellyGang coincided with a period of turmoil in the colony's government. Graham Berry as the Premier, joined forces with David Syme from the Age.

There are lots of stories of high times and it is said that Standish saved the police with a story of scandal.

On 8/1/1878 many Judges and magistrates lost their jobs as the Government tried to save money. Some suggest that this weakening of authority is one of the causes of the Kelly outbreak.

Prior to this there had been an ongoing conflict between squatters and selectors, between those who had money from gold and the landless. The conflict between the English establishment figures and the new settlers from places like Ireland. The KellyGang saw themselves part of this battle against wealth and power

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Local Politics in the Kelly Counrty

The North Ovens Shire, with Mr. Parfitt as the President, was one of the main local government areas in the Kelly Country. (RC3245)

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