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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of the Prime Minister

The premier of the Colony of Victoria was called the Prime Minister.

Role of the Prime Minister in the story of the KellyGang

During the 1870s there were a number of changes of government. The following is a list of Prime Ministers

  Date Appointed
J McCulloch July 1868
J A MacPherson Sep 1869
J McCulloch Apr 1870
C G Duffy Jun 1871
J G Francis Jun 1872
G B Kerferd Jul 1874
G Berry Aug 1875
Sir James McCulloch Oct 1875
G Berry May 1877
J Service Mar 1880
G Berry Aug 1880
Sir Barry O'Loghlen Jul 1881
J Service Mar 1883

On 29/6/1880 Mr Service asked the Governor dissolution of the Legislative Assembly and called for an election. (MDTel29/6/1880)

The people Alexandra complained that their area did not get the support they needed from Government because Gavin Duffy was their MP (Alexandra11/10/1873)

In a speech at Maldon on 5/7/1880 Mr Service made a speech that Com Standish strongly reflecting on him and where he though that the remarks were most unfair and uncalled for. (RC88)