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Post, rail and telegraph were the official forms of communication. The police used the rail and telegraph in their efforts to find the KelllyGang but many would suggest that this was not very effective. The KelllyGang's friends also used them but they did not have the resources. And anyway many would say that they found unofficial communications were more effective.

The Post Office at KellyGang

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The Telegraph Office

The telegraph with the railway was seen by people in the 1870s as magic. They were the wonder technologies of their time. By telegraph you could get a message from one end of Victoria to the other in a few hours. Much shorter time than it took someone on a hose to do the same distance. Visit the Telegraph page to learn more


The railway from Melbourne to Wodonga was built in the 1870's. There was a spur line to Beechworth. The railway revolutionised travel and a local railway station was the best indication that a town had really made it. Learn more about the Railways of the Kelly Country and the people who operated it.