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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 6/6/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 26 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
10009 - 10020 6/6/1881 Jacob Wilson
10021 - 10154 6/6/1881 Thomas Carrington
10155 - 10297 6/6/1881 Josh Melvin
10298 - 10524 6/6/1881 John McWhirter
4403 - 4680 5/5/1881 See the start of Jacob Wilson's evidence
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 26 of the hearings

6/6/1881 Jacob Wilson continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Jacob Wilson wanted to be examined before Sup Hare, for him to prove that he actually did engage Wilson.

He got chased out of the Kelly Country by the sympathizers.


6/6/1881 Thomas Carrington commenced his evidence -

some brief highlights

Mr Carrington reported the Glenrowan siege for the Sketcher

Constable Bracken pointing over to the hotel said, "They are over there, for God's sake look sharp or they will get away,"

What happened to Hare when he was shot?

What was the problem at McDonnell's?

What happened at the capture of Ned Kelly?

Carrington drew Ned Kelly and his suit of armour, when?

"What struck me was the movements of the police posted behind the trees. They kept looking round towards the station as if they expected somebody. They were standing idly, some of them leaning their rides rifles against trees and putting their hands in their pockets." Who was in command?

"I saw Mr. Sadleir several times during the day, but he was always, when I saw him, in the room with Ned Kelly, cutting up tobacco and smoking, standing, by the fire and talking to the others. I was in the room three times."

What about the idea of a connon to blow two lads out of a house surrounded by something like fifty men armed with Martini Henry rifles?

6/6/1881 Josh Melvin commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

Mr Melvin reported the Glenrowan siege for the Argus


6/6/1881 John McWhirter commenced his evidence -

some brief highlights

Mr McWhirter reported the Glenrowan siege for the Age.

Why did the train to Glenrowan have a pilot engine.

McWhirter's account of the arrival of the train and the first meeting between the police and the KellyGang.

What was the weather like at the start of the siege?

What happened whe Hare was shot, how did he get down to Benalla?

What happened to Bracken and Stainistreet?

What happened to Joe Byrne?

When did Steele and Sadleir get to Glenrowan?

What happened to Mrs Reardon and her children?

Ned Kelly came towards the Inn and the police opened fire. Who was involved in his capture?

McWirther saw them take the helmet off Ned Kelly, and Sergeant Steele exclaimed, "It is Ned Kelly"; and, with that, he heard a man approach and give went vent to something like a war whoop, and kick Ned Kelly on the side.

Where was Sadleir all this time?

The plan to rush the Inn and to set fire to it. The problem of Martin Cherry.

What happened at the meeting between Rev Gibney, Maggie Skillion and Kate Kelly?

Inn set on fire, details of what happened.

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