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The Royal Commission evidence for 25/3/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 3 )

Assistant Commissioner Nicholson giving evidence

813 Do you know the particulars of the robbery there?- I have heard them just from hearsay, I know very little of it; I was out at Porcupine Creek, near Chiltern, on the road between Beechworth and Chiltern, and the track was pointed out where they had passed, and where Joe Byrne was seen.

8l4 You were in Melbourne at the time of the Jerilderie robbery?- I was.

815 Who was in charge of the north eastern country then?- Captain Standish.

816 Did you make yourself acquainted with the particulars of that robbery, namely, what moneys were taken?- Yes, all the particulars.

817 I want to ask you about it later on?- Yes the particulars reached me in the usual way.

818 You had full information how many five pound notes were taken, what bank, and so on?- Yes.

819 You had official knowledge-not at once?- I believe so.

820 You had not yourself personally?- No, I had not. I could not speak now, unless I looked them up.

821 I would like to ask some questions about that robbery, in consequence of its being spread about that a large quantity of those notes were circulated in Benalla; and therefore I should like you to be ready?- I may say, when in Benalla, I was informed frequently of the circulation of the notes, but they could not be identified; and I remember a correspondence passing through my hands, when I was here, about notes that had been circulated, passed from one of the sympathizers to a storekeeper in Wangaratta, but I know of notes also that were passed in Benalla.

822 An article appeared in the papers about that time, that notes of the Jerilderie bank, in New South Wales, which would be subject to exchange in this country, were being very freely distributed in the neighborhood of Beechworth, for stores and otherwise. The matter was brought up in the House, and I did state that I personally found that that money was exchanged in Benalla for goods and stores; can you say whether that information, from your own knowledge, that I asserted was correct, was correct or not?- I believe it was-not to a large extent.

823 Do you know, of your own personal knowledge-when you were in Benalla were you informed by any person that supplies were bought in Benalla, or in the townships about, by the Kellys?- No, I have seen the Miss Kellys frequently in a shop at Benalla, making purchases there.

824 What character of purchases?- A very ordinary character; they were generally on horseback.

825 What did they buy?- Well, they were principally things for themselves, for their own consumption.

826 What things?- Clothing for the children.

827 Tobacco?- I am not sure of their buying it.

828 Was tobacco reported to you?- No.

829 Was it reported to you that they paid in Bank of New South Wales notes?- I was shown notes to smel1. They smelt as if they had been planted in the earth.

830 Was it reported to you by any agent, or officer, or policeman that the Kellys were in the habit of getting supplies at Ball's shop and elsewhere, and that they paid for those purchases in notes issued in New South Wales?- Yes, I heard they did.

831 Have you heard that tobacco was bought there?- I will not say I have heard tobacco was bought there, but I know old Tom Lloyd, a relative of theirs, an uncle, used to buy stores of every kind, tobacco and other things, which I have no doubt reached the outlaws.

832 Did you hear beside of the purchase of sardines, and tinned fish, and hams?- No, I cannot say that.

833 You do not recollect the particulars?- No, I have heard of that kind of stuff being bought at other places, evidently for them.

834 You have no doubt in your own mind that their relations-this man was their uncle?- I speak of other people also, sympathizers.

835 As a matter of fact, you know those supplies were bought there?- I heard afterwards that they were purchased.

836 Have you any doubt that those reached the Kelly outlaws?- Some things I have very little doubt of.

837 And that money was paid for those stores in Bank of New South Wales notes?- Yes.

838 And you yourself have smelt those notes, and sai.1 they had an earthy smell?- Yes, two were shown me. ...

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