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North of Wangaratta on the old Hume Highway


It is said that an overlander with a mob of cattle, Joseph Hawdon shot a 'black' dingo in the area in 1836. This gave the settlement the name of Black Dog Creek

The gold was discovered at Chiltern in1858 but the rush really got underway in 1859 with the discovery of the Indigo deep lead. (Argus22/8/60)

Chiltern was located on Wahgunyah cattle run

The name Chiltern was chosen after the Chiltern Hills of England when the town was surveyed in 1853.

The town was relocated when gold was found under the streets in 1858



Importance of Chiltern

Chiltern is an old gold town with a proud history and a great future as the centre of one of Victoria's finest wine growing areas. It also has many other attractions for the visitor. There has always been a strong rivalry between Chiltern and Beechworth.

What was Chiltern like in the late 1870s

In 1879 the yield of gold from the Chiltern Valley Gold Mines Company's claim for a week was 220oz

The yield of gold from the Chiltern Valley Gold Mines Company's claim for the week ending 28/6/1880 amounted to 172oz. (Approximately $AU500,000 )(Argus 28/6/80) see also figures in the local mines (Alexandra24/5/1872) (OMA18/1/79) (Argus9/4/79)

Dorma was a famous gold field in the Chiltern, Indigo area (Argus22/1/76)

Outbreak of pleuro pneumonia in the area (Argus1/12/79)

Facilities in Chiltern in the late 1870s

Population about 1500 in 1880 Hotels Golden Ball Hotel [[../plH_L/lordbyronH8.html|../plH_L/lordbyronH8.html]]

Empire Hotel , Patrick Ryan (Argus5/11/72)

Lord Byron's Hotel

Star Hotel, (1859)- has adjoining theatre and billard hall

Churches St Paul's Church of England (1870-5)

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (1871-5)

Main Streets Schools [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Bank of New South Wales

. Telegraph Office

Post Office (1863)

H Crawford had the contract to take mail between the post office and the railway station 4 times a day (1876)

And from Beechworth to Wahgunyah via Chiltern, Indigo, and Rutherglen

and from Chiltern to Howlong via Browns Plains

and from Chiltern to Doma Mungi via Railway Station

Station building built by James Lever in 1876

Dow's Chemist (1868).

Chiltern Athenaeum (Argus23/8/73)

Chiltern Race Club (OMA20/2/1879)


Royal Mail Coaches left Chiltern daily for many locations in the area including Beechworth, Corowa, Howlong,


Charles William Rohner

Friendly Society

John Gough Tent No184 Victoria District Independent Order of Rechabites Independent Freindly Society


Gold mines

Chiltern Valley Gold-mining Company 26-aug-11ky Reef

Indigo Grand Junction Company (Ballarat and Chiltern Gold-mining Company)

Lady Sutton Cold and Tin-mining Company

Lancashire Lead.

The Magenta quartz mine

North Eastern

Sons and Dorma Consols

Sons of Freedom

United Consols Quartz Claim Newspapers

The first local newspaper was the Federal Standard

Pound keeper

John Strickland


The annual race meeting held in 1867

Saw mill


Town hall

opened in 1867

Hotel on Chiltern Beechworth road

The Gap Hotel William Mitchell

Star Theatre

Peels Theatre Rooms

Mr Kilgour Shire President

Police Station (1865) Other things of interest

Henry Handel Richardson lived at Lakeview, Chiltern from 1876-77.

Links to the KellyGang

The KellyGang often visited Chiltern

In April 1878 a warrant was issued at Chiltern against Dan Kelly and Jack Lloyd, on a charge of suspected cattle stealing. Sgt James Lynch, at Chiltern, considered that the men alleged to have been seen driving certain horses through the township answered the description of those men, and warrants for their arrest were issued accordingly. (RC 2nd report III)(RC12885) See also (BWC)

The charges were laid by Const Robinson (RC8814)

Insp Brook Smith travelled from Wangaratta to Chiltern and recalled to Wangaratta on 27/10/1878 (RC17463)

StringyBark Creek Murders

Sgt Lynch reported KellyGang in area (Argus31/11/78)

Military from the Garrison Artillery sent to Chiltern to protect banks in town after the Euroa robbery in late 1878. (RC App8)

Aaron Sherritt said that the KellyGang spent long periods in the hills between Chiltern and Sebastopol. (RC14460)

Two of the KellyGang were seen near Chiltern after the Jerilderie robbery (RC2035) see also (RC2614)

Old Mrs Sherritt that we she had heard that the KellyGang was supplied with provisions from a woman that lived near Chiltern that was an old sweetheart of Joe Byrne's (RC13210)

There was a report that the KellyGang were at Richardson's shanty, on the Chiltern and Wodonga road in mid August 1879. (RC14791)

There was a report that Joe Byrne was seen at Porcupine Creek. (RC813)

On the day of his death Aaron Sherritt came to the town pound to look for some of Mrs Barry's cattle (RC3804)

Members of the Chiltern community

What happened at Chiltern after the time of the KellyGang

The Chiltern Barnawatha show (Argus21/9/81)

What is happening at Chiltern today