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Importance of Doctors

There were very few centres with doctors in the Kelly Country. The importance of doctors have not changed. But the practice of medicine has changed greatly. Nearly all the qualified doctors had been trained in England or Scotland.

Beechworth was about the only town in the Kelly country with a large hospital, but there were hospitals in Kilmore andWangaratta. Smaller towns such as Alexandra and Mansfield had a cottage hospital.

The newspapers were full of advertisement for various pills and other treatments.

This was a time when many children died from disease and mothers died in child birth.

Diphtheria, scarlet fever and whooping cough were a constant threat (Alexandra1/6/1878)

Men died from accidents on farms and there were many accidents involving horses.

Towns with doctors the Kelly Country




Benalla - ,




Mansfield - ,




Wangaratta -


Yea Deniliquin


El Dorado



Doctors in the Kelly Country

Bowen Dr - ,

Brock Edward Dr

Cheyne Dr

Cleary Martin Francis Dr

Cobbett Robert Newberry Dr

Crouch George James Dr

Deshon Frederick Peter

Dick Thomas

Dobbyn Dr -

Fergusson Dr -

Fitzgerald Thomas Naghten Dr

Ford Frederick Dr

Fox Dr

Geary Henry Dr

Gillbee Dr

Gummow Benjamin W Dr

Gray Sexton Dr O'Hara Henry L Dr

Peele Dr[[../../places/plH_L/kynetonT9.htm|../../places/plH_L/kynetonT9.htm]]

Pestell James Dr

Poulton Benjamin Dr

Reed James Dr

Reynolds Samuel Dr -

Rohner Charles William Dr

Ryan Charles Dr

Semple William Henry Dr


Shrapnel Joseph Needham S Dr

Smith Samuel Dr


Walker George Richard

Warren Benjamin Dr

Wren Erasmus

Haley Dr

Hayden James A Dr

Hester Dr

Hill Joseph Higham Dr

Hutchinson Bengamin C Dr

Hutchinson Berkeley W

Hutton -

Keatinge Jeffery J Dr

Kelly Dr

Langford William Dr

McMullen William Dr

Miller William H Dr

Muller Dr

Nicholson John Dr -

Newbould Edmund Dr


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The families of the KellyGang seldom had opportunity to see a doctor. Most mothers gave birth at home and few could afford a doctor. The Government engaged the services of one of the best surgeons in the colony, Dr Charles Ryan, and brought him up to Glenrowan to look after Ned Kelly. He needed to be kept alive so he could be tried and hung.

In 1876 there was a Scartel Fever scare