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They were drinking and were reckless. They locked the station- master up, and made him promise not to mend the line till morning but as soon as he was released he got hoi", and fixed the wires along the fences, so as to work. They took the constable down with them from the barracks, and walked into the bank, and stuck up two clerks, and then found Mr Tarleton in a bath in his room. Stuck him up and then proceeded to take everything. After this they marched the bank officials into the Royal Hotel, where they collected a whole room full, and then came over and stuck the telegraph master up and made him stop the lines, which he did by disconnecting the wires. Then they ordered some men to chop down the poles and told the telegraph officers to lock up the place and go with them. They said they would take them a few miles with them ; but when they got to the lock up they put them into the lock up with the two police, and threatened Mrs Devine, the senior constable's wife, with her life if she let us out before 7 o clock. It is believed they have taken about £2,000 from the bank besides burning a number of deeds, securities, books, &c



The stationmaster at Jerlderie reports to the superintendent of telegraphs here that "the Kelly gang stuck up the office here to day at 2 o'clock, cut the connexions, and cut down seven poles. My self and assistant were covered with revolvers and marched to the lock up, and locked up with two constables, but released at 7 pm , and told not to touch the wires until the morning, but have done so, and fixed a wire along the fence. They stuck up the Bank of New South Wales." A Deniliquin correspondent telegraphs that information was received there that the Kelly's at Jerilderie to day confined the police in the lock up, stuck up the Bank of New South Wales, and, it is reported, took about £2,000. They tore down the telegraph line, and threatened the operator if he attempted to restore communication. The information about the Kellys is confirmed. They robbed the bank, and destroyed a number of deeds and papers. They locked one of the police- men up in a cell, and allowed the other out under surveillance, to avert suspicion.





The Kelly gang surrounded the police barracks about 12 o'clock on Saturday, when all were in bed, and called out and stuck up the two policemen who were in charge. They kept them there until Monday. They came down to town on Monday, and stuck up the Bank of New South Wales, by walking in and ordering the clerks to bail up. Having stuck up the telegraph office and destroyed the wires, they marched the station-master, Mr H D Jefferson, and his probationer, Rankin up to the police station, where they locked them up in the lock up together with the two constables, and they were kept there till 7 pm. The gang then started towards Wanamurra station, and nothing has been seen of them since. They had a room full of people stuck up at the Royal Hotel where they had a few dunks, and Ned Kelly handed a paper had written to Mr Leving of the bank, and made him promise to have it published. He regretted he had not time to finish it but wished to have it printed, and he would write the remainder some other time. As soon as they had gone some persons started for Moama, and some one for Deniliquin, to give information. It is supposed they got about £2,000 from the bank, and destroyed a lot of books and deeds.



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