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Mr Jefferson, telegraph master, was standing outside the door. Byrne said, "I am Kelly, walk inside," at the same time presenting his revolver. Byrne then cut the wires and remained inside the office until Ned Kelly came over, when Jefferson and his assistant were taken to the Royal. Byrne told Jefferson if he touched the instruments he would shoot him. Kelly then made an assistant cut down eight telegraph poles, and smashed some of the cups with his revolver. Jefferson was threatened that if he sent a message before Wednesday morning he would be shot. After the money had been taken away some distance on the plain, Kelly went to M'Dougall's, and "shouted" for about 30, paying for the drinks. Kelly and Hart rode once or twice through the town, revolver in hand. Again Kelly and Hart went to the police barracks, when an altercation ensued over a mare of M'Dougall's. High words took place, when it is said Kelly threatened to shoot Hart, and pulled out his revolver. During the afternoon Kelly made Hart deliver up a watch he had taken from the Rev Mr Gribble, and told him if he wanted a watch to take a good one. At the same time he called Hart a "thing." Hart then was compelled to hand over the watch to Mr Gribble. M'Dougall's racing mare was taken, but when it was missed M'Dougall and Gribble spoke to Ned Kelly, and the mare was given back. Shortly after this Kelly and Hart rode off from M'Dougall's saying, "Hurrah for the good old times of Morgan and Ben Hall," and were cheered by a number of persons who were standing by. Just before this some strangers appeared and no one knew where they came from. They then followed towards Wannamurra Station, and were met on the plain by Byrne and Dan Kelly, who were leading two pack-horses. It is reported they stuck up Wannamurra station, and threatened to burn it down, but afterwards started in the direction of Tocumwal, without doing any harm. Nothing has since been heard of them. The bank is closed, the manager and the accountant being still away.


It is rumoured on good authority that Dan Kelly was seen to-day near Gapstead Hotel, 10 miles from Beechworth. A man named David Rae, who was riding in to the cattle market, states that he met Dan on horse- back. When he came near Dan put his hand behind his back, recognised Rae, and spoke to him in passing. He was splendidly mounted on a bay horse and well-dressed. Rae swears it was Dan, and as he has known the Kelly family intimately for years there is some colour in the rumour. The police are out. The man was alone, and was going along the Myrtleford-road.


There is nothing new in reference to the Kelly gang, except that preparations have been made for their reception at Urana, should they go there. It is reported that they passed through that township on Friday, and were not recognised at the time.  


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