The Argus at KellyGang 18/2/1879

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On leaving Jerilderie, the Kelly gang went in the direction of Wunnamurra Station. When coming close to the homestead they met a drover driving his stock. Mr A Mackie was a short distance away, when Ned Kelly rode up to him, and accosted him thus, "Is your brother out on the station?" Muckie replied, "I do not know." Kelly said, "I am going to shoot him because he helped to catch the horses for Living and Tarleton, and I will go down and burn the homestead for giving them fresh horses to go on with." Kelly evidently thought that J Mackie, on getting released from the room at Jerilderie, had gone out to the station. Kelly again said to A Mackie, "Where is your brother?' Mackie replied, "I don't want him shot, and it is not likely I would tell you even if 1 knew where he was" Kelly then took Mr Mackie and the drover to the homestead. Hart and Byrne in the meantime went on ahead with the pack-horses and booty.

On getting to the homestead he saw the storekeeper, Mr Elvery, standing at the gate. Kelly said," What's your name?" Elvery, not knowing who he was, and thinking the question rather impudent, remained silent. Kelly jumped off his horse, and, pointing his revolver at him, again asked him his name. Elvery, not liking the close proximity of the revolver, said, "My name is Elvery." Kelly asked Mackie was he (Elvery) speaking the truth, and Mackie told him he was. He then asked Elvery where Tarleton and Living were. Elvery said, "I do not know." Kelly said, "Did you not give them fresh horses to go on to Deniliquin with!" Elvery said, "No, I did not, because the horses were not mustered since morning." Kelly then, seeing that Wannamurra was not the station the bankers had made for, appeared satisfied, and conversed freely with EIvery. He told him, in the course of conversation that he would shoot Living whenever he saw him, "for," added he, "I gave the-every- thing he asked for that belonged to himself. He almost begged and prayed in the bank for me not to destroy his life policy, and when I was taking his saddle he again begged me to give it back. Seeing he was a poor man, I give it back, and now the-, as soon as he gets a chance, rushes off to betray me " He asked for a drink of water, and then got on his horse, and he and Dan rode off in the direction of Berngan Station.


A large number of police were concentrated in Howlong in anticipation of a visit from the Kellys. The excitement here is great, and special constables have been sworn, in. An application was made to the Bank of New South Wales authorities in Melbourne to supply arms to volunteers, but the application was met with a prompt refusal.

The police are again hopeful with regard to the Kellys. Communications of an important character were to hand from the heads of the force yesterday. It would not be prudent to disclose the contents, but if they can be relied upon we may expect to have early intelligence that the gang has been met by some of the detachments in search of them. At the meeting of the Cabinet yesterday a communication was read which had been received from Sir Henry Parkes in which he expressed his opinion that it had now become the duty of the two colonies of Victoria and New South Wales to unite in the most active measures to capture the gang. He stated that the New South Wales Government would offer a reward of £3,000 and the banks of that colony £1,000, for the apprehension or destruction of the outlaws, and he requested that the reward offered by this colony should be increased to £4000, thus making the total reward for the capture of the Kellys and their associates amount to the large sum of £8,000. Sir Bryan O'Loghlan was authorised to telegraph to Sir Henry Parkes, informing him that the Victorian Government thoroughly concurred in his suggestion, and would in every way co-operate with the Government of New South Wales in whatever measures appeared most desirable to effect the object in view.


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