The Argus at KellyGang 22/9/1879

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The Wahgunyah and Rutherqlen News states that "when the notorious Kellygang visited Jerilderie, they stole two troop horses in addition to the booty obtained from the bank. Previous to taking them away, Ned Kelly, in order to test the capabilities of one, saddled and mounted him. After trying his paces, the horse was put at some of the fences, and by the way he cleared them he found favour with the leader of the outlaws, and was appropriated when the gang left. The other horse was not much to look at, and was only used for packing purposes. For a long time nothing was heard or seen of the horses. A few days ago, however, a party of police in scouring the Puzzle Ranges, came across two horses which answered the description, and upon a closer examination they were found to be identical with those stolen from the police at Jerildene by the Kellys. They were at once driven to Benalla, and from thence forwarded to Rutherglen, from whence they were brought by Senior constable Gobbin to Corowa on Wednesday, and left at the police station. The horses are not in very good conditton, but are evidently in better condition now than they have recently been. One, a grey horse, is a fine upstanding animal, and was formerly used by Senior-constable Devine, of Jerilderie, the other, a bay one, is a much lighter animal, which would not, except for light packing purposes, tempt the cupidity of anyone under ordinary circumatances. Both horses were sent on to Deniliquin, which is the head of the police district in which Jerildene is situated. The discovery of the animals in the Puzzle Ranges, which is a known haunt of the Kellys, effectually disaipates the conclusion arrived at by some people that the Kellys never crossed the river again after robbing the bank at Jerildene. It is considered that, as the horses were bred in New South Wales, and would naturally make to their old haunts if they were left free, they were either paddocked or otherwise taken care of by the Kellys or their associates; and the reticence of the police in giving information as to the exact locality from which they came adds to the belief that some important information has been received. The event has given a fresh impetus to the search, and it is probable that operations will be conducted with more activity for aome time to come. "

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