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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Const Devine

Stationed at Jerilderie

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Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 About midnight on Saturday 9/2/1879 the KellyGang arrived at the police station in Jerilderie were Const Richards and I and our families were asleep. We were awaken by Ned Kelly calling out;'Constable Devine, there is a drunken man at Davidson's hotel in the township who has committed a murder. Get up at once all of you.'

Const Richards, got up first and I followed soon after. We were undressed and not prepared to meet the KellyGang. After they had established that we were the only police at the station Ned Kelly brought out a revolver and threatened me. Joe Byrne threatened Const Richards. The KellyGang then got the keys to the lock up and locked us in the watch house. After this the KellyGang went inside and escorted our wives and children into a room and appointed Steve Hart to guard them. These men threatened my wife and family with my life if they tried to escape or alerted any one else.

On the Sunday morning the KellyGang let my wife, Mrs. Devine, go about the station as usual so as not to raise any suspicion. Ned found out from her that she used to clean out the court house and prepare the place for the Sunday service. Joe Byrne went with her to the court house in the town. The Catholic service was conducted by Father Kiely. No one came near the police station all day Sunday.

After this the KellyGang dressed them selves up in police clothes and went around the town as they pleased as visiting police. Sometimes they even took Const Richards with them to give them more creditability with the local community.

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Early Service

Later Service

I went to West Australia, and became a racecourse detective (JJK)

I died in 1926 (Argus20/5/1926)


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What happened to Const Devine's family