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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Structure of the Victoria police force

In July 1878 a change was effected in the police arrangements of the country districts. Beechworth and Mansfield and a portion of Kilmore were combined, forming the North-Eastern district, and Superintendent Sadleir placed in charge, with his head quarters in Benalla.

Should the police be able to vote in Parliamentary elections? (Argus8/4/80)

The problems with the police operations after the Stringybark Creek Murders

The Royal Commission made the following conclusions about the problems that confronted the police at the time of the murders;

"The constables were found armed with revolvers that, under the circumstances, were comparatively useless. A few rifles were scattered throughout the district, but such was the inadequacy of the armament available that, upon the departure of Kennedy on his fatal expedition, the station at Mansfield almost completely denuded of weapons. The parties who went out to search for the bodies of the murdered men were wretchedly equipped, and, before starting, the whole township had to be searched in order to obtain arms.

The majority of the police were unacquainted with the use of the more modern description of rifle, and were, in many instances, notoriously had bushmen, and ignorant of the country in which they had to search for the outlaws. Some also were indifferent horsemen. "(RC2ndreportyV)

The Berry Government acted quickly to turn the situation around


Command of police in the hunt for the KellyGang and in North Eastern Victoria

After the Stringy Bark Creek murders Ass Com Nicolson was appointed to head the hunt for the KellyGang. After the Euroa robber he was replaced by Com Standish and Sup Hare. In June 1879 Ass Com Nicolson resumed command until early June 1880 when Sup Hare took charge again.

The operation was comtrolled from Benalla.

Police tactics in the hunt for the KellyGang

See police tactics

Search parties

See police search parties

Police at Glenrowan siege

police officers and police men involved in the hunt for the KellyGang

The following is a list of police, mainly those stationed in North Eastern Victoria, who were involved in the hunt for the KellyGang. See other members of the force who were examined during phase two of the Royal Commission Milne J, p fc

Monkey Brown p t

Montford, p Sgt

Montfort William B, p Insp

Montiford, p c

Montgomery, p c

Montifort J, p mc

Moore, p c

Moors Henry,

Moses, p t

Mullane P, p sc

Neville pc

Nicolas, p Sup

Nicolson, Ass Comm

O'Connor, p Insp

O'Dwyer, p c

Orr, pc

Parker W pc

Perkins pc

Pewtress, p Insp

Philips William, p mc

Potter pc

Purcell, p Sup

Redding, p mc

Reilly T, p fc

Richards H, p c

Richards J pc

Richardson pc

Robinson, pc

Ryan C, p mc

Sadlier, Sup

Sambo, pt

Scanlan, p mc

Secretan, p det

Shoebridge, p sc

Singleton, p Sup (NSW)

Skehan, Thomas Cape, pc

Smyth R, p sc

Spider, p t

Standish, Commissioner

Steele, Sgt

Stephens G, p c

Strewart Hugh pc

Stillard JL. p mc

Stone pc

Stow JH, pc

Strahan, p sc

Thom H. p mc

Tommy, p t

Twomey Michael, p fc

Toohey J Insp

Vaughan pc


Wallace, p mc

Walsh Patrick, p fc

Walsh Thomas, pc

Ward M, p det

Welsh, p fc

Whelan James, p sgt

Wickam Richard, pc

Williamson D, pc f

Wilson PP, p mc

Winch, p Sup

Alexander A, p c

Alexander R, p mc

Alexander det

Allwood, p c

Anderson, p c

Archdeacon pc

Armstrong H, p fc

Arthur J, p mc

Baber, Sup

Barney, p t

Barry Daniel. p mc


Billy Nut, p t

Boulton pc

Boyd, pc

Bracken, H p c

Bray pc

Broderick pmc

Brooke Smith, Insp

Brown, p det

Brown, Dick, p t

Brown, Joseph William pc

Brown,, p t

Brown, Paddy, pt

Brown, Peter, p t

Brownlee, p fc

Bulla, Moses


Canny W, p mc

Carroll pc

Cawsey, p c

Chambers, Sup

Chomley, Sup

!!MISSING p sc

Commons M. p mc

Comyn, pc

Connor, pc

Considine, pc

Costello M, p mc

Cox, p c

Crow,, p t

Day, p c

Dakin, p c

Davidson JH Inspec

Davison p c

Deacon, p c

Decey, sgt

Devine, p c

Dixon JF, p mc

Dixon Jim, p c

Docarthy, pc

Dowling TP, p fc

Duff JA pc

Dungrey, pc

Duross W, p fc

Dwyer J, p fc

Dwyer T, p mc

Eason, p det

Elliott p sc

Falkiner, p c

Farrell, pc

Faulkiner AJ. p mc

Feeley pc

Fegan Sgt

Fenton A. p sgt

Fitzpatrick A, p c

Flood, Ernest, p msc

Forrestal M p mc

Gannon pc (Argus28/8/79)

Gascoigne P, p mc

Gilfedder, p sc

Glenny R, pc

Gobbin Sconst

Graham R, p mc

Graves p c

Green, p Insp

Gribbin p sc


Hagger, p mc

Hall, p sc

Hare, p Sup

Harry p c

Hartney det

Hayes, p c

Hays JJ p mc

Healey P, p mc

Hedberg pc

Hero, p t

Hewitt JM, p fc

Hodgson p c

Horwood p c

Irvine R, p sc

Jackey, p t

James, p sc

Jimmy, p t

Johnny, p t

Johnson C, p sc

Johnston J, p sc

Kabat p Sup

Keene p c

Keating c

Kelly John, p sc

Kelly P, p fc

Kennedy, M sgt

Kennedy. p det

Kenny, p c

King, Tom p sc

Kirkham TH, p mc

Larner J p Sub Insp

Lawless, p c

Lewis John, p Insp

Lonigan T, p c


Lynch, James, p Sgt

McCall, p c

McCulloch p Sup

McDonald P, p fc

McDonnell p c

McGuirk p c

McHenry, p c

McHugh Robert, p fc

McIntrye, p c

McInerney p c

Magor, p ?

Mason, p c

Maud, sc

Mays, p sc

Meehan Thos, p

mc Meagor CF p mc

Mills. p sc

Police Organisation and pay

see , police pay and conditions , police organisation . Second phase of the Royal Commission See also [1]

Some civilians also assisted the police (RC713) KellyGang