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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Royal Commission - Phase 2

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After the Royal Commission issued its second report the story continued. What did the police think, what was the Government's response, what did people think?

Mr Chomley was immediately, on appointment as the Commissioner, directed to report on how the police force was to be reorganised. This had been part of the task of the Royal Commission. What would they do now? (Argus6/3/82)

The Commission had to decide where to go (Argus5/4/82) (Argus17/4/82) (Argus26/4/82) (Argus27/4/82)

The Commission decided to hold its future meetings in private (Argus2/5/82)


Final report

The Royal Commission

See, below the headings for the final report. These are the major issues covered by this part of the inquiry.

Police organisation, training and pay etc (Argus15/6/82)

The Commission became interested in the Detective force (Argus19/7/82)

Supt Winch was investigated in some detail

Another prominant witness was Insp Secretan, the officer incharge of the Detectives. (Argus26/7/82)

The organisation of the force was examined (Argus4/9/82)

The Boardman case (Argus5/10/82) See also Supt Winch

The Commission produced a report respecting certain charges preferred against Superintendent F A Winch and Sub inspector Larner. (Argus16/10/82)

Critism of the Royal Commission got stronger as time went on. (Argus8/12/82) (Argus15/12/82) (Argus11/1/83)

The Chief Secretary agreed to in accord with the recommendation of the Royal Commission, and accordingly Inspector Larner was called upon to retire (Argus18/12/82) (see also Supt Winch)

The Royal Commission recommended that a number of other police from the Detective force should be asked to resign, but this was a matter for the Commissioner of police (Argus10/1/83)

The Royal Commission produced its report on the Detective Force. Contents included"-

Condition of the Detective Force (Argus13/1/83)

Inspector Secretan

Detrioration of the Detective Force (Argus13/1/83)

The Mutual Relations of Detectives

Office Management

Employing criminals (Argus13/1/83)

Case Of Patrick Boardman

Chief Commissioners Recommendations Respecting The Detectives (Argus13/1/83)


List of witnesses - Not full list of all witnesses or all references

Mr Beck, farrier (Argus3/8/82)

Sgt William Bell (Argus28/9/82)

Mr Otto Berliner (Argus12/6/82)

Const Bourke (Argus9/5/82) (7/8/82)

Mr Call PM

ExConst Cash (Argus28/9/82)

Com Chomley (Argus27/4/82)

SConst Conniff (Argus4/10/82)

Sgt Dalton (Argus9/5/82) (28/6/82)(28/9/82)

Sgt Daly (Argus7/8/82) (12/8/82)

Insp Dowdell (Argus17/7/82) (19/7/82)

Const Dowling

Det Duncan (Argus6/10/82) (10/1/83)

Det Eason

Mr H Edwards (Argus30/8/82)

Det Foster (Argus7/8/82)

SConst Grady (Argus12/6/82)


Supt Kabat (Argus19/7/82)

Det Kidney (Argus28/6/82) (8/8/82)

Const Kissane (Argus9/5/82)

Det Mackey (Argus28/6/82)

ExDet Mainwaring (Argus7/8/82)

ExConst McCutheon (Argus28/9/82)

Mr Moors (Argus4/5/82)

SConst Moyes (Argus4/9/82)

ExConst Murray (Argus24/5/82)


Det Nixon (Argus10/1/83)

Det O'Callaghan (Argus12,6/82) (28/6/82) (10/1/83)

Sgt O'Meara (Argus5/10/82)

Sgt O'Sullivan (Argus28/9/82)

Mr Robertson (Argus4/5/82)

SConst Rodgers (Argus7/8/82)

ExDet Rourke (Argus12/8/82)

Insp Secretan (Argus28/6/82) (26/7/82) (3/8/82) (5/8/82) (14/12/82) (15/12/82) (10/1/83)

SConst Smyth

Const J Walsh (Argus6/12/82)

Det Walsh (Argus28/6/82)

Sgt Webb (Argus20/5/82)

Const Weldon (Argus28/9/82)

Supt Winch

Insp Ximenes (Argus8/8/82)

Messers Young and Jackson (Argus30/8/82)

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The final report covered a lot of issues to do with the administration of the Police Force; see summary of the recommendations (Argus7/4/83)

I – Proceedings of the Commission (Argus7/4/83)

II – The Police in Relation to Public Morality (Argus7/4/83)

III - Board of Three Commissioners (Argus7/4/83) See also (Argus23/5/83)

IV – Recruiting (Argus7/4/83)

V - Probation (Argus7/4/83)

VI – Instruction in Drill (Argus7/4/83)

VII – Promotion (Argus7/4/83)

VIII – Transfers (Argus7/4/83)

IX - Uniform (Argus7/4/83)

X - Rate of Pay and Allowances (Argus7/4/83)

XI - Incidental Expenses (Argus7/4/83)

XII -Increment (Argus7/4/83)

XIII -Extra Emoluments (Argus7/4/83)

XIV- Retiring Allowances (Argus7/4/83)

XV - Age of Retirement (Argus9/4/83)

XVI -Stores (Argus9/4/83)

XVII - Record Sheets (Argus9/4/83)

XVIII -The Franchise (Argus9/4/83)

XIX - Miscellaneous (Argus9/4/83)

XX -Extension of Russell Street Barracks (Argus9/4/83)

XXI - The Bench and the Police (Argus9/4/83)

XXII - Municipalities and the Police (Argus9/4/83)

XXIII - Political and External Influence (Argus9/4/83)

XXIV- Officering the Force (Argus9/4/83)

XXV - The Hospital (Argus9/4/83)

XXVI -The Licensing Act (Argus9/4/83)

XXVII -Police Superannuation Fund (Argus9/4/83)

The end of the Commission (Argus17/4/83) Response (Argus24/1/83)