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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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The world of Ned Kelly and the other members of the KellyGang, (Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart) was that other selectors who had been promised a share of the wealth of the Australian land and been given blocks that were too small to make a living from. Many squatters and a few of the gold miners had shared great wealth in a time of great change. The Kelly family had not shared in that wealth. Others had gained from the great advances in technology, the railway and telegraph, for the KellyGang these were the tools of the oppressors; the police.

The Kelly, Byrne, Hart and Quinn families were mainly poor and Irish. They came to Australia to find food and a new life. They brought with themselves little possessions but strong spirits and a determination to succeed. Above all there proud people and they had every reason to be.

Come meet the Kelly's world of hard work and horses.

Topics covered include

Catherine Lloyd (Mrs)

Jack Lloyd (Sen)

John Lloyd (Jnr)

Mary Lloyd

Tom Lloyd (Jrn)

Tom Lloyd (Sen)

Anne Lloyd

Edward (Ned) Lloyd

Catherine Lloyd

John Lloyd

Thomas Lloyd

Mary Lloyd

Maude Lloyd

Lilian Lloyd

Rose Lloyd

Mildred Lloyd

Albert 'Sonny' Lloyd

Quinn Mrs (grandmother)

Ellen Quinn

Helen Quinn

James Quinn

Jack Quinn (Jnr)

Jane Quinn

Jimmy Quinn

Kate Quinn

Margaret Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Helen Ryan

Jack Ryan

Joe Ryan

Timothy Ryan

Catherine Skillion


Margaret Skillion (Maggie)

William Skillion

William Tanner

Cameron letter

Ned Kelly's hanging

Jerilderie letter

Parkes letter

cattle stealing

11 Mile Creek Kelly home


Reasons for out break


Ah Joe

Armour '

Cameron Letter

Jerilderie Letter

Other letters

Parkes Letter


Catherine Byrne (Kate)

Dennis Byrne

James Byrne

Joe Byrne

' Joseph Byrne (Sen)

' John Byrne

' Margaret Byrne Mrs

Margaret Byrne

Mary Byrne

Michael Byrne

Patrick Byrne (Paddy)

Patrick Byrne (Sen)

Bill Frost

Amelia Griffiths

Edward Griffiths

John'Black Jack' Griffiths

Michael'Les' Griffiths



Sarah Ann'Ellen' Griffiths

Ettie Hart

Richard Hart

Richard Hart (Sen)

Steve Hart

Alice King

Alice Kelly

Anne Kelly


Dan Kelly

Ellen Kelly Mrs

Kelly family


Grace Kelly

James Kelly

John Kelly (Red)

John Kelly (Jun)

Kate Kelly

Margaret Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly

Ned Kelly

Billy King

George King

John King