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As soon as Ned Kelly was sentenced to death by Mr Justice Barry in the Melbourne Central Criminal Court late on 29/10/1880, people started to get the Government to delay the sentence of death. This turned into a race against time. See also (BWC)


What happened - attempts to save Ned Kelly

On Monday 2/11/1880 William Gaunson went to see the Chief Secretary Mr Berry to ask the Government to give Ned Kelly a reprieve. Mr Berry said that it was a matter for the meeting of the Executive Council on Friday, they would set a date for the execution. (Argus2/11/80) (Age4/11/80) (Argus5/11/80) (Age6/11/80) (Argus6/11/80)

On the evening of Wednesday 4/11/1880 the Executive Council (the Cabinet of the Victorian Government) held a meeting and fixed the date for Ned Kelly's execution.

William Gaunson saw the Attorney-General Mr Vale to try and get him to intervene to stop the hanging

Gaunson and the KellyGangs friends stated organising a public demonstration for Friday 6/11/1880. They also started arranging for a petition to be distributed all over Victoria.(Argus8/11/80)

Other demonstrations included (Argus10/11/80)

Gaunson and other presented a petion containing 32,424 signatures to the Governor in support of Ned Kelly's life (Argus8/11/80) (Age9/11/80) (Argus9/11/80)

Meeting in support of Ned Kelly held on the steps of the Treasury building. (Argus9/11/80)

Another meeting to try to save Ned. (Argus10/11/80) (Argus11/11/80)

At his own request Ned Kelly's portrait was also taken, shortly before his death, for circulation amongst his friends. (Argus12/11/80)

What happened on the day

Ned Kelly's last hours (Argus12/11/80)

An elderly grey-headed, well-conditioned-looking man, named Elijah Upjohn, who is at present incarcerated for larceny

' Upjohn was the hangman at Ned Kelly's death. (Argus12/11/80)

Dr Barker was happy to describe the details of the hanging from an anotomical point of view (Age12/11/80) (Argus12/11/80) (Argus12/11/80) (BWC)

The Community's response

The crowd outside the gaol described. Most small boys were red hot Kelly supporters (Argus12/11/80)(BWC)

Response to the issue of the role of the Governor and the Executive Council. Should there be a court of appeal? (Argus18/12/80)