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Richard (Dick) Hart

Dick Hart was Steve Hart's brother and a sympathizer

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parents Richard and Bridget brothers and sisters Julia, Steve (59), Nicholas,Tom, Jane, Esther (Ettie), Hugh, Winifred, Rachel, Agnes, Ellen and Harriet wife Sarah Bowdern children see below

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Photograph Teenage years We lived on the Three Mile Creek between Wangaratta and the Warby Ranges. First run ins with the law In July 1877 my brother Steve and I and a friend John O'Brien from Greta were arrested by Sgt Steele for illegal use and stealing horses. I was sent to gaol over this

Sup Sadleir called me 'an unconscionable young scoundrel' (RC2979)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 Was I there helping the boys at Faithful's Creek?

I was seen in Benalla with one of the Quinn's (Argus16/12/78)

Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 Did they need a hand to keep the locals under control? Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 Sup Sadleir said that he handed over the bodies because he feared more violence from us. What could we do that would be more violent than the police and their actions? (RC2899) (JJK)

When the charred bodies of my brother Steve and Dan Kelly were taken out of the fire, I requested that the remains should be handed over to me. The request was agreeded to by Sup Sadleir, and just at dark my family, and the Quinns and the Lloyds carried the bodies to the residence of Mrs Skillian, at Eleven Mile Creek. (Argus29/6/1880)

The Newspapers said that we had been purchasing a considerable quantity of liquor, and many of us have been drinking to excess since the fight. The authorities seem to want to stir us up with an inquest into the boys. Can you believe it. they want to have an inquiry into my brother's death to find out how he died. They roasted him and I would be more than happy to roast them. (Age 1/7/80)

After the Siege Inquest

The authorities wanted to conduct an inquest into the death of my brother Steve and Dan Kelly.

I told anyone who would listen to just go and get __. We have the bodies now and we intend to stick to them.

On 30/7/80 it was suddenly determined by the authorities that no inquest was necessary. This morning a strong party of police were ordered to go to Greta and take possession of the bodies until the inquest had been held. When they arrived at Glenrowan, however, they received intelligence that it was unnecessary to go to Greta as the intention to hold an inquest had been abandoned, and the necessary warrant to bury the remains had been issued. Had an inquiry been held it would have been purely of a formal nature, but the police were certainly foolish to hand the bodies over to the relatives and friends in the first instances.

Probably the intention to hold the inquest was abandoned because of the desire to avoid provoking a conflict, but it is the general opinion that the police should have taken the bodies from the friends. Their threats had forfeited all their claims to condemnation, if they ever had any, and they should have been treated in a manner which would have shown them that the police had no fear of them. As it is they possibly imagine that the police are frightened of them. I hear that it was in consequence of instructions received from the Crown Law officers that it was determined not to hold the inquest this morning.

Mr Bickerton JP, with Mr Ell to act as clerk, was in readiness to start at nine am., as appointed, when it turned but that police had not provided a conveyance, and that they could not procure one in the town. After some delay Superintendent Sadleir telegraphed to get a magisterial certificate authorising the burial of the bodies. This was obtained from Mr Tone JP and sent out to Greta, and the funeral proceeded. (Age 1/7/80)

I attended the start of Ned Kelly's committal with Tom Loyd (Argus6/8/80) (Herald8/8/80) (Age9/8/1880) (Argus10/8/80) (SMH10/8/80) (Herald11/8/1880)


Const Armstrong did not think that I would go bush. (RC12188)

I was arrested for highway robbery (Argus17/1/81) (Argus19/1/81)

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