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What happened in the Warby Ranges behind Glenrowan Ben Warby settled the area in 1844

Warrawinga was a run was near Glenrowan, but east of Futter's Range-on the King River. it was selected by 1866 (Argus29/8/67)

Some parts of the Warby Ranges was covered in thick vegetation and it was difficult country for people to get around.

There were no roads in the Warby Ranges. (RC5605)

The [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]] made it into the Warby Ranges on Sunday the 3/11/1878 after riding from Stringybark Creek to Murray River and Sebastopol. It was time for a rest. (CHC)

Insp Brook Smith was blamed by the Royal Commission for not following the into the Warby Ranges on 6/11/1878 (RCStoryVII) See also (RC5300) (RC17431) (CHC) (JJK)

Const Johnson and his party followed the KellyGang from Joe Ryan's to the Warby Ranges on 8/11/1878. (RC12365)See also (RC13538)

On 9/11/1878 Const Johnson and his party found the pack horse, B87, taken from the police at Stringy Bark Creek in the Warby Ranges (Argus12/11/78)(RC12404)

On 11/11/1878 Const Johnson and his party followed the tracks from Glenrowan back into the Warby Ranges to Hell's Hole on the north side, at the back of Morgan's Look-out. (Hell Hole could be another name for Morgan's Look-out) (RC12467)

Hell Hole is a range between the Kangaroo Gap and Glenrowan (RC14075)

Const Fitzpatrick was a member of the search party. (RC12956)

On 12/11/1878 Ass Com Nicolson, Sup Sadleir, Insp Brooke Smith, Sgt Steele. See also(Argus13/11/78) (RC14075) (RC1875)

On 28/11/1878 Det Ward received information and recovered two of the horses of the police that were shot in the Stringy Bark Creek. He found them in the Warby Ranges, about eight miles from Wangaratta, and took them to Wangaratta. (RC13843)(Argus29/11/78)

Sup Hare's search party to Cleary's in late May 1879 used a camp Warby Ranges that he had used before. (RC1286)

What were the KellyGang doing with the rocks on the top pf the hills?(RC1290)

Hare and his men found near the only spring in the Warby Ranges a tent with some oats and general horse feed, and the full appliances of a person who was collecting honey in the mountains (RC1294) (FH)



The local farming area (Argus19/4/80)