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The wild man of the Tallarook Ranges who was arrested yesterday at the Dry Creek, near Broadford by Troopers Eason and Shanahan was brought to the Kilmore gaol to day. When he observed the police he immediately hid in some long grass. He wore a sack over his shoulders to which were attached two old rags and fastened around his neck. He also wore a checked shirt and a pair of trousers made of patches.

He had and beard had been recently cut very short, and his hair presented a very scraggy appearance as if cut by himself. He had a bundle containing soap, matches, candles, a pair of scissors, a knife, a looking glass, thread, needles, thimble, twine, some potatoes, a pair of socks, and a towel. Everything was very much discoloured from the eflects of smoke. He had also in his possession a can containing some fresh butter which is supposed to be some that was lately stolen from a selector named Zwar living near where he was discovered. The man gives his name as Henricke Nelsen a native of Sweden , 56 years of age. His occupation is that of a miner. He is about 5ft in height of stout build and extremely healthy. On interviewing him this afternoon he informed me that he came from New Zealand to Melbourne about nine months ago and being unable to obtain employment he proceeded to Gipps Land, but finding his efforts unsuccessful, there he decided to return and proceeded to the North Eastern district. He appears to be in utter ignorance as to the cause of his being arrested, and he knows nothing whatever about his old haunts. Through cutting his hair he evidently in tended to disguise himself and evade the police. He is to appear at the Kilmore Police Court on the 12th inst on a charge of vagrancy.

About 19 months ago a man answering to his description was discovered living in a small cave on the property of Mr Wm Moodie, situated between here and Broadford. Mr Moodie frequently missed a great many things at that time and there is little doubt that Nelsen was the offender.


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