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Lord Nelson Quartz Mining Company (Registered), near the Black Range, Molesworth, about nine miles from Alexandra. - This claim has been worked by a shaft and tunnels. The reef is almost vertical, and from one to three feet in thickness. Two tons were crushed at Christmas last, yielding 1oz. per ton. Since the crushing took place the mine has been developed, and proved to such an extent as to induce the company to purchase machinery. The boiler and engine are now on the ground, and it is expected that the plant will be in working order in about one month from this date. It will be the first machine erected on the Black Range, and will enable the miners, now working numerous reefs in the immediate vicinity, to have their quartz crushed at a reasonable figure.

Hazard Gold Mining Company, (No. 11. North Eldorado Reef) .-Ten tons of stone from this claim (calcined in order to expel the metallic substances prevalent in the quartz, which have hitherto affected amalgamation) will be crushed in a few days. The sodium amalgam has been used in treating this stone, with very good results, but the calcining process is expected to effect considerable improvement in the yields.

Eldorado Gold Mining Company (No. 4, 5, & 6, North Eldorado).- Rich veins have been struck in the spare ground (Chance Company) adjoining this Company's ground. The Company will be forthwith placed under the Limited Liability Act, and active operations immediately commenced.

On Tuesday last Mr Forsyth purchased a sixteenth in the Homeward Bound Prospecting claim for £240. The retorted gold, from forty tons of stone, on the evening of the same day (509 ozs 10 dwvts) will give a dividend of £119. Besides his there are about 30 ozs. more expected from a small crushing of mullock. Mr Forsyth appears to have made a good purchase us the next crushing is likely to return him all his purchase money.

Gleeson's Lease, nine miles from Jamieson, on Mac's Creek, promises to add considerable importance to that locality as a reefing district. Ninety tons crushed a short time ago from this claim yielded 500 ozs.

A new reef called the Galatea was struck on Friday last on the U. T. Creek, about a mile and-a-half from Alexandra.

We have just learned that a new reef called the Kangaroo was discovered by Mr Richard Mark Anthony on the 29th ultino, for which he has registered, at Alexandra, a prospecting claim. The reef is situated within a mile and-a-half of Ghin Ghin. Mr Anthony informs us that while out kangaroo hunting he picked up some surface stone with gold from the out-crop of the reef, and named the reef the Kangaroo.


We have made a personal visit to this gold-field, celebrated for the legal proceedings which have engaged the attention of our courts of law for a considerable time past. Lately the place has been subjected to one of those dull fits always experienced in every new gold-field. Within the past few days, however, a considerable reaction has set in, and Ghin Ghin promises once more to be one of the most important gold-fields in this district.


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