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Please enjoy the story of the KellyGang, but also remember that at least 10 people died and many more had their lives changed in ways that may still be painful to some people.

The Glenrowan siege was in a way the end of the KellyGang. The Fitzpatrick incident was part of the start of this story, so was the murder of Sergeant Kennedy and Constable Lonigan. The robberies at Euroa and Jerilderie were wonderfully planned operations. Aaron Sherritt life as a police agent ended as part of a grand plan to destroy the police.

The story is also about how the police hunted for the KellyGang and how the KellyGang supporter's looked after each other and their friends.

Start with an outline of what happened to the KellyGang and then go on to see what happened year by year and day by day.

Period Events
1833 - 1853 Early years of European settlement in the Kelly Country
1854 - 1863 Gold and the beginnings of the Kelly Family
1864 - 1873 The Kelly family grow up
1874 - 1877 The beginning of trouble for the KellyGang
1/78 - 10/4/78 Horse and cattle stealing becomes a business
11/4/1878 - 16/4/1878 Fitzpatrick incident at the Kelly home
17/4/1878 - 3/10/1878 Gold mining of Kelly Creek
4/10/1878 - 30/11/1878 Stringy Bark Creek murders & Mansfield Murders
10/12/1878 - 30/1/1879 Euroa robbery and Sebastopol Cavalcade
1/2/1879 - 30/4/1879 Jerilderie robbery
1/5/1879 - 30/7/1879 Standish and Hare replaced by Nicolson
1/8/1879 - 31/10/1879
1/11/1879 - 31/12/1879
1/12/1879 - 31/03/1880 cave party
1/4/1880 - 25/6/1880 Nicolson replaced by Hare
26/6/1880 - 30/6/1880 Aaron Sherritt's death
Glenrowan Siege
1/7/1880 - 30/12/1880 Ned Kelly's trial
Ned Kelly's Execution
1881 Royal Commission
1882 following years


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