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The first issue of a modest-looking; little paper, badly printed, headed the Benalla Ensign, has just been circulated in the neighborhood. The youngster has received a considerable amount of nursing from those modern Magi, who consider that the Messiah of their hopes is to come from Benalla. How that a place which has hitherto been considered a terra incoqnita, should suddenly rise into such estimation is a matter for the curious. By a recent issue I see that it is considerably enlarged, and devotes a leading article condemning the proposed Grant Testimonial. While wishing the youngster success, we are confidant that so soon as it leaves off its swaddling clothes and sugar meats it will advocate more liberal and expansive views.

The adjourned inquest on the body of the child found in a closet at Jameison is not finished.

Shearing on some of the stations is finished. Mr Clifton, of Bargarg, reports the clip as poor, but attributes the decrease to thei prevalence of scab with which his run has been infested. Mr Dickens has finished at the Preston station, and reports a most excellent clip, superior to many former years, both in quantity and the fineness of the wool. Messrs Rowe, Chenery, Tobine, and Duff, have not finished yet. It is remarkable that the number of shearers applying for employment is in excess of former years, and is no doubt attributable to the farmers around employing their spare time at this season of the year in raising a "tidy cheque."

Snakes are very numerous. Mr Windsorsolicitor, had an encounter with a large one on Sunday last. His snakeship showed fight, but by a. well directed thrust, Mr Windsor succeeded in running a pointed stick through the eye of the reptile, which had the effect of stopping the monster's gallop.

The new telegraph station will be open for business to-morrow.

A land sale, conducted by Mr Nixon, district surveyor, was, held, on Friday. With the exception of one lot there was no competition. The Mansfield allotments were withdrawn on account of an incorrect survey. Several allotments were purchased at Maindample, which speaks wall for the future of that place.

A crushing from Harry Knight's reef, at Maindample, gave 32 oz from 70 tons of stone. Considering the immense width of this reef, and the ease with which then stone can be got out, to a party of practical miners, systematically worked, this reef could be made to pay handsome returns.


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