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The south eastern area of Victoria


Gippsland was one of the last parts of Victoria to be settled by Europeans

Importance of Gippsland

What was Gippsland like in the late 1870s

The area was heavily timbered with a few fishing settlements on the coast.

Squatters and selectors were doing battle for the good land along the rivers

A traveller went through West Gipps Land (Alexandra15/7/1876) (22/7/1876) (5/8/1876) (26/8/1876) (7/10/1876) (11/11/1876) (16/12/1876)



Links to the KellyGang

Members of Kelly family lived in Gippsland. [[../../people/peK/KellyNedK.html|(RC1393)]]

Ned Kelly left Saunders and Rule when they went to Gippsland to with their sawmill.

Mr Foster, the Magistrate who tried many KellyGang sympathizers was based in Gippsland (RC2260)

Soon before he died Aaron Sherritt told Const Armstrong that the KellyGang were in the ranges between the Rose River and Gippsland. (RC12200)

What happened at Gippsland after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening in Gippsland today