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Richard Rule

Importance of Mr Rule

Ned Kelly worked for R Rule, sawmiller, from Greta and Saunders in about 1874 during the period when he avoided having problems with the police


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Early years Photograph What was the sawmill like Time when Ned Kelly worked for Rule In 1874 Ned Kelly was released from goal and he went to work as a faller for Rule and Saunders and others sawmillers. In 1875 Ned Kelly was back with Saunders and Rule at their Burkes water hole sawmill near Mrs Kelly's home as the overseer.

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In September 1876 with the end of Beechworth branch line, the sawmills income almost ceased and Saunders and Rule wanted to relocate the sawmill to Gippsland were they had a contract supply timber for the railways.

My application for a share in the reward was rejected by the Reward Board

What happened to Mr Rule's family and the sawmill