Royal Commission report 30/8/1881

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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 30/8/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 46 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
15774 - 15959 30/8/1881 Captain Standish
1 -324

15960 - 16311



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Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 46 of the hearings

30/8/1881 Captain Standish continued his evidence -some brief highlights

'It might take me nearly a month to comment on the gross mis-statements which have been made on me by Mr. Nicolson and Mr. O'Connor, ...'

'As a matter of fact, did you, in the presence of some of the police make overtures to Sherritt?- '

Did Nicolson suffer from loss of memory?

'I may add that I have read through the whole of Mr. O'Connor's evidence, and really it is so beneath contempt that I shall not offer any comments on it.'

'As I am not at all a vindictive man I shook hands with him, and said, "Let bygones be- bygones"; but still I am well aware that when I was up in Benalla he circulated some very unpleasant and untrue statements about me.'

What about reports of horse and cattle stealing between Victoria and NSW?

Who had what information about plans to rob the banks?

Was Nicolson delayed in the hunt for the KellyGang after the Euroa robbery?

'.. do you think it was good generalship continually to start parties of police for upwards of seven months?--'

Search parties; 'When I got information I kept it to myself, and acted upon it.'

'... You hardly did anything all the time. You displayed what is called masterly inactivity.'

Joe Byrne met Mrs Sherritt; what was the police response?

Who brought up the issue of Joe Byrne being pardoned in return for the rest of the KellyGang?

'You apparently did nothing and threw away many chances.'

'Will you tell me one instance where I ever failed in my duty-mention one?- '

How did Harry Power's arrest come about?

'Mr. Nicolson- Well, I do not wish to pay you a compliment, but ....'

Why was Nicolson appointed to head the hunt for the KellyGang rather than Sadleir?

Should police officers be allowed to see their personal record sheets?

'Was it an extravagant thing for me to expect Kelly to go and do his duty even in the face of danger.........?

'I wish to state that later circumstances have come to my knowledge showing that Senior-Constable Kelly-like myself, Sergeant Whelan, and other men, who were very anxious, and took a prominent part in the Kelly captures-was thoroughly exhausted after the business was over; and I think, if he had been as fresh as he was in the earlier stage of the proceedings, he would not have dreaded taking charge of Greta or any other station; and, in so far as my overlooking the trial and exhaustion he had undergone is concerned, I now admit that I possibly did do him an injustice. I have no hesitation in saying he is a first-class man, and one whom I would like to have serving with me anywhere.

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