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The Royal Commission evidence for 15/6/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 30)

[[../../people/peQ_R/rawlinsC.html|Mr Charles C. Rawlins]] giving evidence

11558 What did Bracken say?— He spoke to me first when I was standing at the end next to the Glenrowan hotel, watching Jones's.

11559 The Benalla end?— Yes, I was looking out for the Kellys to come out, because Mrs. Stanistreet told me they had just left there. I saw Bracken come out of the house, and jump the fence.

11560 By the Commission— Do you remember the conversation you had with the station-master's wife?— Yes

11561 Tell us exactly?— I looked in and saw her sitting on the bed with all the clothes huddled round her. There was a light there, and she had the children with her. We tapped at the window, and Mr. Hare at the door, and she did not reply, and I tapped again at the window, and she said — “Who is there? –” and Mr Hare said — “We; the police.” She was sobbing, and Mr. Hare said — “What is the matter?” and she said — “Oh, the Kellys, they have taken my husband away” — she said — “into the bush,” and we said — “How long ago since they were here?” and she said— “Five minutes ago; they were to go” — and she pointed over to Jones's, and said — “there at the back.” I asked her just as I was coming away — “How many are there of them?” and she said — “Forty.”

11562 Did she say they were taken to Jones's hotel?— No, she pointed to the back of Jones's from the bedroom where she was sitting on the bed, and Jones's was there — [indicating by gesture].

11563 By Mr. O'Connor— What happened after Bracken gave the alarm?— Mr. Hare said — “Let go the horses, and come on.”

11564 Where was he standing when he said that?— He was standing about opposite the door where you went to take the tickets, between that and where you put Bracken against the wall. You caught Bracken by the arm, as far as I remember, and Mr. Hare came up and said— “What is up?” or “What is the matter?” and then Bracken told you and Mr. Hare together again what it was.

11565 Then what took place?— Mr. Hare said— “Come on, boys,” or lads, and we went.

11566 Did you accompany Mr. Hare?— I did.

11567 Were you in the lead?— I was immediately behind Gascoigne, I think it was.

11568 In reference to Mr. Hare?— I was about three yards from him.

11569 By the Commission— Who was first?— Mr. Hare.

11570 Who next?— I think Gascoigne or Kelly—we were all together, the three.

11571 By Mr. O'Connor— Did you see myself?— I know you left the platform with us. I did not see you after we got past the first culvert.

11572 Will you explain which?—[The witness explained on the plan.]

11573 Will you explain where Mr. Hare was when the first volley was fired?— He was through the wicket gate.

11574 By the Commission— How far from the hotel?— About sixteen paces from the nearest corner, next Benalla, before the shot was fired. There was not a shot fired until he was as near as that. I thought he was going to rush the place, and we who were going—there seemed to be no stop at all.

11575 By Mr. O'Connor— Where were you when Mr. Hare reached that position?— Between him and the fence. I was nearer the gate, just about where the posts began to turn off.

11576 Did you see anybody else through the gate?— Yes, there were either five or seven. Five through the gate and two over, because I counted the number when I thought the place was to be rushed, and some men ran across here, some jumped the fence between the railway wicket gate and the stationmaster's house.

11577 Upon arriving in this position it was where Mr. Hare received the wound?— I think so. I did not see him receive it.

11578 If he states that was where he received the first shot, was that where he received it?— Decidedly, if he says he was shot by the first shot. That is where he must have been shot, because he never went any further. I know there was one shot, just like that—[the witness cupped his hands]—and then four quickly afterwards.

11579 Then the police returned fire?— Yes, fire opened up all round.

11580 That is you mean in front?— Every man in front, because they went close. Bullets went through the fence, close to me. I heard them go through, and strike the wire too.

11581 What happened immediately after Mr. Hare was wounded?— I do not know. I could not tell because I did not know whether he was wounded. When I first knew he was wounded he was doubled up like that—[illustrating by gesture]. That was the first information I got. I heard him say he was wounded. I was not thinking anything about him at the moment, I was excited.....

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