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The Royal Commission evidence for 10/8/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 45)

John Sherritt giving evidence

15346 By Mr. Nicolson— You remember the 21st February 1880, about Patsy Byrne having told you that Joe had visited his mother's hut one night, and you told that afterwards to Alexander and Armstrong?— Yes; I did not give the date.

15347 Had you given any information between that and the 27th November previous?— I will not say that I did not.

15348 Between Byrne visiting your house and Patsy telling you that—did you between those two events give any information to the police?— I may have.

15349 Do you remember your going into training for running?— Yes, I do.

15350 Did you not come down to Melbourne and run?— Yes.

15351 Were you not, through that, and one or two other matters, absent from the police from giving any information—did you not withdraw for a period from acting with the police?— No, I did not. I think I was only a couple of days in Melbourne

15352 I mean about the time you were in training?— I never trained to run; I did run.

15353 What time do you mean in your declaration that you withdrew from the police in disgust and went to work, and I sent for you—when was that?— I think about Christmas.

15354 Was not that about the time you were running?— Yes.

15355 Previous to that, when did you withdraw disgusted, as you say?— You might recollect the Sunday afternoon you saw me going to Beechworth with a swag, and you thought I was bringing the Kellys into Beechworth. I was informed about that.

15356 By the Commission— Cannot you give the date. Was it about that period you considered you were not acting with the police. Was it after the 27th November you felt the police were not acting on your advice, and you threw up giving information?— Yes, I think it was about that time.

15357 Can you fix about the date that Mr. Nicolson saw you after the Christmas time, when he interviewed you, and asked you to again afford him assistance?— I can tell you that. I think it was about a day and a half. I met a constable in Beechworth when I was going out Crawford 's. The question asked is this: How long was I absent from the police when I got disgusted with them? Well, when I was going out on this Sunday afternoon, riding to Beechworth, I had a parcel tied before me on the horse. I went to Crawford's, and stopped there that night; but on my way out I met a constable—McCall, I think—and I told him I was not going to do any more work for the police. I did not tell Ward I was leaving the police; so Ward, when he heard this, came out to me on horseback—out to Crawford's—and told me Mr. Nicolson wanted to see me; and I went immediately and saw Mr. Nicolson, and he said, “What do you mean by this, Jack; what are you going to leave me for now?” I told him that I had given him information, and I thought the Kellys could have been taken, and he had not acted upon it.

15358 What did you do then?— He said, “It is no good your leaving now; we have got good information, and no doubt they will go with you to the bank.”

15359 Did you then consent to resume the same position as you had previously held?— Yes.

15360 What time had elapsed from the time you had made up your mind not to give information that you decided to resume?— About two days altogether.

15361 By Mr. Nicolson— When did you have the first quarrel with your brother Aaron?— I never had a quarrel with him. I will not answer that question. I never had any quarrel with Aaron only once, and I told the Commission about that the other day.

15362 Give some particulars about it?— I do not know any particulars about it, only what I have told the Commission.

15363 Where did the quarrel take place between you and Aaron?— At home.

15364 About what time—how long before Christmas. You remember the cave party was formed at the beginning of December—how long after the cave party was formed?— Some time after that.

15365 By the Commission— Was Aaron married before Christmas?— No, the day after—Boxing

15866 By Mr. Nicolson— was it between the cave party being formed and Christmas that you had the difference with Aaron?— The cave party was established at this time.

15367 And how long before Christmas was it you quarrelled?

15368 By the Commission— That is hardly a fair question. You say it was after the cave party was formed?— Yes.....

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