The Argus at KellyGang 15/8/1865

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(full text transcription)


The following report has been received by the Minister of Mines from the warden of the Buckland division: "There has been a good yield of gold for the month-viz, 8,444oz. l0fwt, to a working mining population of 2,070; and the winter rains, which have at length fallen, have much increased the quantity of gold from the alluvial diggings at the Buckland River. At that place the Chinese continue to work patiently and successfully. At Morse's Creek and the Ovens River, where the European population are principally resident, the deepest interest continues to be felt in the Premier Lead, at Morse's Creek, and the prospecting for the deep lead by the Vanguard Company (Melbourne proprietary) and the Ovens Deep Lead Company, on the River Ovens. The Morse's Creek Company (local) have at 130 feet depth just reached the bluish, green bottom, similar to that at the discoverer's (Gitchell and Co's.) claim, and I entertain no doubt that in a few days they will be on the lead. The Reform and the Wallace Deep Lead Company are vigorously prosecuting their sinking at Morse's Creek, and there is every probability of their shortly washing gold. I am not so sanguine of the load being discovered very quickly on the Ovens River, seeing that, notwithstanding the Vanguard Company have excellent machinery, the water gives them great trouble, even at a depth of about seventy feet. The work of deep sinking is being well done by our local men, assisted by mining managers and deep sinkers from Chiltern; and all the miners who hold shares in companies seem determined not to sell out, if they can in any way manage to meet their 'calls.' The Morses Creek and Growler's Creek population is now about 1,400 men; and there is quite a busy little township on the deep lead, about three miles above Bright. ... My opinion if that this district will shortly yield gold heavily, and that a large population will congregate here this summer. . . The district is very orderly, and a generally hopeful feeling exists among our miners and traders with respect to the deep lead extension at Morse's Creek, and the probable discovery of a deep lead on the Ovens River.

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