The Argus at KellyGang 27/11/1878

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Sir.-As I feel sure you do not wish to cast unfair imputations on anyone's character, will you kindly allow me space to correct the following statements made by your Wangaratta correspondent, and appearing in your issue of the 11th inst.

Respecting the police murders, he writes -"Another portion of the same clan (the Kelly's) are the Gunns. The Lloyds and the Kelly's were outlawed from Ireland , while the Gunns were sent out from Scotland "

Now I am the only one of my name who ever had any connection with the Kelly family, and as that connection was completely severed eight years ago, no communication having taken place between myself and that family since then, and as, moreover, neither myself nor any of my relatives were sent out, either by the Scotch or any other Government, I trust you will see the injustice which is done me by publishing an idle rumour like the foregoing, which must have been supplied by some one in total ignorance of the true facts of the case.

I have been away from home for some time past, and consequently did not see the para- graph which I complain of, or I would have written you sooner on the subject - Yours,


Begowan Farm, Benalla, Nov. 23. 

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