The Argus at KellyGang 3/6/1879

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It is generally believed here that the police have recently been on the tracks of Ned Kelly.

A short time ago, Mrs Skillion, a relative of Mrs Kelly, went to Melbourne to bring away Mrs Kelly's child from Pentridge. Mrs Skillion and the child arrived at Mrs Kelly's late residence, Greta, a few days ago, and immediately after Ned Kelly came there for the purpose of seeing the child and his sister. I believe the police got word of the affair, and set out from Benalla last week, but the bird had flown, and, as has been reported, the police returned without any success. A large party are again on the move.

It is currently reported here that the footprints said to have been Monk's, a short distance from the big tree, where the police state Monk must have dismounted, can now be proved to belong to another person, who was in company with two others, this individual having dismounted at the precise spot on the 20th April, and riding along that road.


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