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Unless the different expeditions now afoot meet with some special luck, it may take them weeks to come up with the bushrangers, or fall in with traces of Kennedy, if he has been carried off. The ranges are full of secret fastnesses, known only to a few like Kelly, who have been reared amongst them.

Amongst the police who passed up the North-Eastern line to-day was Flood, the trooper whom Kelly has promised to roast. He is one of several well acquainted with the country, and men like him, when they get into the field, will be able to dispense with the assistance of guides.

The Kellys, Lloyds, and Wrights have intermarried with one another, and members of the families are scattered over the district from Benalla and Mansfield to Greta and the King River . Old Mrs Wright, who came in yesterday to inquire why her sons has been locked up, rattled off the names of half a dozen cousins of the Kellys, just to show how absurd it was to detain Isaiah if the object was simply to prevent the spread of news. For the last three days scarcely any business has been done in Mansfield . Since the circumstantial story told by Constable Meehan has turned out to be groundless, and his adventures the result only of his own timidity, the townspeople have ceased to feel apprehensive on their own account. Meehan’s horse was found in the paddock in which he cast it adrift to escape from his mysterious pursuers.

The pockets of the deceased troopers were turned inside out by the Kellys, and about £15 were taken from Scanlan and Lonigan. Even rings were removed from the fingers of the deceased men. People don’t know what to say about Kennedy’s fate, but it is thought most improbable that the Kellys would take him to any of their haunts. If they let him go he would quickly reach home, for he is an excellent bushman. The fear is that the miscreants have left him tied up. It is not likely that they made up their minds how to dispose of him until Sunday, and if they travelled only a couple of hours on that day, they must have got far beyond any point yet reached by the search party. It is melancholy to think how the last three days have been utterly but unavoidably wasted. The arrival of Superintendant Sadleir has been most opportune, for he has been able to infuse new life into the volunteers, and relieve Mr Pewtress, who has become really ill with the fatigues of a kind of life he has not been used to.


In view of the possibility of Kelly's gang seeking refuge in New South Wales the police have received instructions to keep a strict watch on the border.



MANSFIELD , Wednesday

The description of the country given by the search party which returned last night is that it consists of frightfully deep gullies, with long grass and scrub, immense fallen trees, and almost perpendicular hills, affording every opportunity for concealment.

The two Wrights were brought up at the Police Court this morning for using threatening language towards members of the search party. The dumb brother was discharged, and the elder brother Wild Wright, remanded for seven days, and bail refused.

Four troopers arrived at 1 o’clock from Melbourne ; but they have no knowledge of the country.

The search parties include storekeepers, clerk’s, clergymen, wardsmen, contractors, labourers, and bushmen, headed by the president of the shire. Business is entirely suspended.

KYNETON, Wednesday

Word has been brought here that four armed men, supposed to be Kelly and party, were seen at 2 p.m. to-day at Green Hills, near Malmsbury, making towards Metcalf. Police from Malmsbury and Taradale, with a party of volunteers, armed, have gone out in search of them. Sergeant Manson and four constables from this station also started from Kyneton at half-past 6 p.m., with arms and ammunition, in pursuit. Mounted-constable Cahill has returned, and reports that the info rmation that Kelly’s party were at Green Hills has proved incorrect. The police and volunteers from Malmsbury have returned. Sergeant Manson and the constables who went with him from Kyneton have not yet returned. What rendered the info rmation given to the Malmsbury police probable was that Power, with Kelly, when hunted from King River district in 1870, made across here, and was in this neighbourhood for about a week. The Kellys and Quinn, who are said to be with them, have relatives in the Tylden district.  


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