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(full text transcription)


Thursday, January 2. (Before Drs Hallett and Miller- J.Ps.)

Police v Lloyd--For cutting out the brand of a beast contrary to law. The case was brought under the 36th section Abattoirs Statute.

Mr Norton for defendant.

Constable Farrell stated that he recollected Monday, the 23rd December. At 10 o'clock in the morning he went to defendant's house. He saw a hide there in a detached building from the dwelling. He examined the hide and asked what brand was on the hide. Defendant replied JL. A portion of the hide was cut in strips, and on examining the hide he could not find a brand on it. He knew Lloyd, who was a farmer: He could not swear that there had been any brand on it at any time. He took possession of the hide and handed it to Constable Flood.

Constable Flood stated he remembered the 24th of December. A hide was given to him by Constable Farrell. He afterwards asked Lloyd if it was the one taken by Farrell. He replied "Yes,” and said the hide was branded JL, but that the children had cut it off. He said, "Do you think I am going to keep a hide till you choose to come and look at it," and said he had killed the beast on the 19th December. He heard the defendant on the 24th December swear that the hide was branded JL on ribs. He banded the hide over to the custody of Senior Constable Cadden.

Thomas Lloyd, jun. deposed - The hide outside the court he recognised as being that of a young steer. He knew the steer since it had been calved. It was the property of Thomas Lloyd, his uncle. It was killed on Thursday, and the hide hung on the fence. He was requested by his aunt the next day to cut some leg-rope off it. Witness cut the leg-ropes off the hide from the tail towards the shoulder. He did notice the brand while cutting the leg rope. He know the steer was branded JL on the near ribs. He told his uncle afterwards that he had cut some leg-ropes off the hide. The beast was bred by his uncle. He killed the beast on the19th of December, between 5 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon. He slept there that night, and was there part of the next day. He cut up the, hide about five o'clock on the 20th of December.

The case was dismissed.

The Court then adjourned

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