The Ovens and Murray Advertiser 24/1/1879

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Now a days in Victoria , we suppose no paper would be complete without some reference to those now celebrated outlaws, whose doings are the leading topic off conversation in these dull times. Were we to publish all the reliable information supplied to us, and all the sensational reports which from time to time reach us we could out herald the Herald , and fill our pages with news which had better be left untold. From the first we have purposely refrained from publishing the reports which are supplied, and from reporting what the police are doing, simply because the publication of such intelligence could not possibly do any good, and certainly would do an immensity of harm. In fact the Melbourne press have been greatly to blame for the manner in which they have from time to time reported the movements of the police, as they might just as well have sent the intelligence direct to the Kellys themselves. Only this week we have received news of a most reliable character of the outlaws a few days ago, but as good end can be answered by making it public, we have suppressed it. A matter of this sort demands the utmost secrecy, without which no success can be expected. To day the fourteen men remanded from last Saturday on a charge of supplying information to Ned Kelly and his associates will be brought up at the Beechworth Police Court, before Mr W H Foster, PM. We have not to the slightest idea what course the police intend to adopt, or whether they intend to bring forward any fresh evidence. All we have to go upon is Mr Bowman’s pledge last Saturday that the cases would either be withdrawn or brought to an issue. This is but right, as up to the present the men confined have only been under suspicion; and whist we thoroughly believe that at all hazards, the Felons’ Apprehension Act should be carried out in its integrity, at the same time there should by this time be something definite brought forward against these men, if they are to any longer obtained in custody. It is stated that that Mr Bowman will not appear for the Crown, but that the prosecution will be contacted by Superintendent Hare. The case that will be called at 11 o’clock

The Kelly Sympathizers - Two numerously signed petitions have been received by the Government from the inhabitants of the Lake Rowan district praying for the release of Joseph Ryan, one of the men apprehended on suspicion of being a sympathizer and abettor of the Kellys. The petition states that have known Ryan from infancy, and that he has always borne an exemplary character. The subject will probably be considered at a meeting of the Cabinet

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