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Proceeding quietly along the road the bushrangers reached Euroa without incident, and pulled up at the National Bank, a one storied building, which lay, very conveniently for their purpose, on the side of the township nearest to Faithfull’s Creek, but of course in no way isolated from the rest of the buildings. The principal hotel, in fact, was distant not more than forty yards, and the bank was also in sight of the railway station. It so happened that a large number of residents were absent from Euroa at a funeral outside the town, while others were interested in the licensing business going on at the court half a mile away, and these things helped to account for the two carts driving unobserved up to the bank door. Had anyone seen them they would scarcely have attracted notice, for the gang were all most respectably dressed. Gloster’s cart, with his name painted on it, was well known in Euroa, and Kelly had taken with him Gloster’s boy to hold the horses, while he pursued his business at the bank.

He and Hart commenced operations by knocking at the bank door, which was shut, as the bank closed at three and it was then after office hours. In answer to an enquiry concerning their business, Kelly said that he had a cheque of Mr McCauley‘s, which he wanted cashed. Without opening the door one of the clerks told him he was too late, but Kelly begged for admission, saying that he would be greatly inconvenienced if he did not obtain the cash that night, whereupon Mr Bradley, the teller, partially opened the door, and Kelly and Hart, forcing their way in, shut the door behind them.

In the office they found Mr Bradley and another clerk, Mr Booth, both of whom, with revolvers presented at their heads, found themselves unable to resist. Ned Kelly his name and explained the object of his visit, demanding all the cash the bank contained. A large amount was on the teller’s table or in the drawers, having been in use that day, but Kelly wanted the contents of the strong room as well, and, driving the clerks before them, he and Hart, with a revolver in each hand, made their way into the manager’s room, which opened from the main office. There they found Mr Scott, the manager, who was unable to secure his revolver before he was made to hold his hands up and to give up one key of the safe, while the other was obtained from one of the clerks.

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