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north of Melbourne


In the 1870's the town was known as Wallan wallan. Today it is called Wallan

Importance of Wallan

Red Kelly and Ellen, Ned Kelly's father and mother moved to near Wallan soon after there were married.

James and Mary Quinn and their children including Ned Kelly's mother settled in Wallan in 1845 and eventually by about 1850 they owned about 700 acres.

What was Wallan like in the 1870s


Map Wallan was a small farming community. Most of those who lived in the town worked on near by farms

The railway was built over Hearne's swamp, opposite Wallan (Argus31/1/70)

The public library was opened in early 1877. By then the town a Rachabite Hall.

The annual race meeting was held on the easter Monday

Facilities in Wallan in the late 1870s

Population 30 Hotels Schools Post Office Other things of interest see also

Wallan had a ploughing match (Argus30/7/80)[[../plH_L/lindsaySh3.html|../plH_L/lindsaySh3.html]]

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Red Kelly and Ellen moved to Wallan soon after their marriage in the early 1850s

Tom Lloyd was born at Wallan 5/11/1857.

Members of the Wallan community

Me J Lobb farmer (Argus30/7/80)

What happened at Wallan after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Wallan today

Wallan is now becoming a gateway suburb as you come down the Hume Highway into Melbourne