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Wodonga, the squatting run

...a place in the



One of the original squatting runs in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns

History at Wodonga before the KellyGang

Founded in 1835-36 by Paul and Charles Huon (Huon de Kerrilleau), overlanders from New South Wales

On the Murray River opposite Albury and north west of Wangaratta x

In 1876 the license was held by William Huon, ? acres, license fee half year £80

Where did the name Wodonga come from

Wodonga, Woodonga or Woodanga; an edible plant (bull rushes) growing in a lagoon.

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

William Huon, the first manager died and was replaced by Charles Huon in 1846. In 1850 Paul Huon took over the lease. In the 1860s large areas of the original run were taken up by selectors, but by 1879 a William Huon still held the lease.

William Houn built his home Belvoir in 1836



Original neighbouring properties

Murray River

What was Wodonga like in the late 1870's

The Huon family had built the old Carkeek House, Cambourne (the first house was called Belvoir, it later became the Fig Tree Hotel- later burnt down)

Up until about 1870 the town of Wodonga was known as 'Belvoir'

De Kerillien was the home of William Huon (T&C27/4/1872)

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The KellyGang rode all over Wodonga and probably helped themselves to the occassional ...

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Wodonga

On the southern bank of the Murray .

What happened at Wodonga after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Wodonga today