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Importance of Hillmorton (Ted) Reynolds

Mr Reynolds was the post master at Glenrowan

What did Reynolds look like

born ?... height ?... (meters) hair ?...

Early Career

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' Photograph' Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 I lived next door to the police station and infact owned the police barracks were Const Bracken lived. Ned Kelly came down to see me early on the morning of 27/6/1880 but he did not take me up to Jones' Inn. See also (JJK)

When Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne took Mr Curnow and his family home. My son Alec Reynolds rode in the Curnow's buggy and my brother Edward Reynolds and our friend Robert Gibbons walked along (Argus 29/6/1880) (Argus21/7/80)

Edward Renyolds give evidence at Mrs Jones' trial (Argus9/5/81)

Later Career

I died in 1909 .


Brother Edward, ? Sister ? ... wifes (1) Liddle (2) Sarah Sawyer. children Alex b 1873, Mary 1875, Lousia 1878, Ruth 1881, Agnes 1887 home >..

What happened to Mr Reynolds' family