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Summary of the evidence on day 11 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
1980 - 2239 12/4/1881 Sup Sadleir
2121 - 2239 12/4/1881 Wyatt PM
1717 - 1979 7/4/1881 See start of Sup Sadleir evidence
1980 - 2120

2452 - 2744

2745 - 3004

3005 - 3019

11866 - 11979

12559 - 12565

16657.1 - 16860

17688 - 17786









See these dates for other evidence given by Sup Sadleir
2240 - 2451 13/4/1881 See for the continuation of Mr Wyatt's evidence
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission


Summary of the evidence on day 11 of the hearings

12/4/1881 Sup Sadleir continued his evidence - some brief highlights

SConst Flood, Mullane and Stahan checked up on the report from Bricky Williamson that food was being left in a hollow tree by Maggie Skillian

But the Royal Commission pushed the matter further and asked "The question was whether you had given precise instructions, and you said you were not sure, and I think your evidence will show you made rather contradictory statements; and I want you to say whether you gave any special instructions to the police, and whether you could remember what they were of your own knowledge. Who was in charge specially of the correspondence, confidential and other, from the 28th October to the 14th November"

Who was in command of what Nicolson and Sadleir?

When Mr Wyatt arrived at the Benalla railway station he had a conversation with Nicolson in the ladies waiting room why?

What happened when Nicolson and Sadleir got to Albury ?

Sadleir led a search party from Wangaratta to Lake Rowan. Later he appointed a number of agents. Who were they and what did they report?

What was the 'cock and bull' story?

Where were the KellyGang just before Jerilderie?

12/4/1881 Mr Wyatt commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

Mr Wyatt was the resident police Magistrate at Benalla.

On the afternoon of the Euroa robbery he travelled by train from Violet Town with a telegraph linesman and saw that the telegraph wires had been torn down on both sides of the railway line near Faithfull's Creek Station.

Faithfull's Creek Station is an out station of Mr. Younghusband's of Faithfull's Creek run, three miles and three-quarters from Euroa, and about 250 yards from the line at right angles to the road running to it. Mr Wyatt looked out and saw Mr Watt, the telegraph linesman jump off the moving train and go down to the line.

He later found out that this was all inspected by the KellyGang, from the place where they had the people stuck up at the time, and it appears that Watt was taken into Mr. Joe Byrne's custody, as soon as he left the train and that was the end of him for the day.

My Wyatt travelled on to Euroa and held the licencing court in town while the KellyGang were robbing the bank.

He gives a very good account of the train trip from Violet Town down, looking out for the break in the telegraph line and of what happened when they found it.


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