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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Mr Robert McBean

Squatter of Kilfera Station near Benalla

, and a Magistrate Links to the KellyGang below, Early Years , Harry Power, Fitzpatrick Incident , Stringybark Creek Murders , Sebastopol Cavalcade , Euroa Robbery , Jerilderie Robbery , Autum 1879, Hare replaced by Nicolson , Spring 1879 , Early 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Earlier , Later , Family , Links to Harry Power and the Selectors In March 1870 Harry Power held me up and took my horse, wallet and watch. I got word to Harry Power via John Lloyd that I wanted his watch back. Power's response was to ask for £15. I then met Mr Standish in the Melbourne Club in Collins St and as a result a £5000 pound reward was offered for Power's arrest.

I produced an affidavit that Ass Comm Nicolson used before the Royal Commission that related to the difference between Nicolson and Sup Hare about the arrest of Harry Power.

"I, Robert McBean, of Benalla, in the colony of Victoria, auctioneer, and president of the shire of Benalla make oath and say:-

1. That, in or about the month of April 1870, I sent Captain Standish information that I knew of a man who would be likely to give valuable assistance to the police sent in pursuit of the celebrated bushranger Power.

2. That Messrs. Nicolson and Hare came up to my station to meet the informer, who arrived about dusk in the evening; and I went forward to meet him. Mr. Hare accompanied me, Mr. Nicolson remaining behind. I introduced Mr. Hare to the informer, and they entered into conversation; and I retired, and rejoined Mr. Nicolson. In about ten minutes Mr. Hare returned to us and said he did not think the informer would do, as he was an old Pentridge man, and that he refused to give any information, and in any case could not be trusted. I was very much disgusted, and said to Mr. Hare, 'If that be the case, what risk do I run now, having trusted and arranged with this man to take the reward.'

3. Mr. Nicolson then went forward and spoke to the informer. Mr. Hare and I remaining out of hearing. After about ten or fifteen minutes Mr. Nicolson returned to Mr. Hare and myself; and informed us that it was all right, and that the informer would let me know within a month, when he ascertained exactly where Power was concealed; and I promised to send to Captain Standish when I received the information.

4. I had several consultations with the informer, and ultimately sent word to Captain Standish that the informer would be able to point out the exact hiding place of Power.

5. That soon afterwards Messrs. Nicolson and Hare arrived at my station, where they met the informer, and started on their memorable pursuit, which ended in the capture of Power.

6. That during both the interviews I had with Messrs. Nicolson and Hare, I understood that Mr. Nicolson was in command of the party, nothing transpired, to my knowledge, which could convey any other impression. - ROBT. MCBEAN. Sworn at Benalla, in the colony of Victoria, this fifth day of September, One thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, before me - F. McDONNELL, a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria for taking affidavits." ( RC16862)

I was a magistrate at Benalla and saw many of the KellyGang's friends over the years. I was also a local Councillor (Ensign31/5/1872)

I had problems with selectors (Ensign1/10/1872) (Ensign11/10/1872)

I had success as a sheep breader (Ensign19/9/1873)

I had a problem with a fencer (Ensign25/1/1875)

In 1876 I impounded some working bullocks that were trespassing on my land

Photograph . Links to the KellyGang Stringy Bark Murders in the Wombat Ranges 26/10/1878 After the murders Ass Com. Nicolson led a search party after the KellyGang from Benalla. He suggested that special attention should be given to a lane at the head of Tanner's farm, leading to and from McBean's Swamp, known as Cart-road Gully (RC 676) I was a Magistrate (Argus12/3/79) (Argus13/3/79)

Sup Hare hired a paddock from me, and also a small paddock in Benalla, so that the horses could be put in there when they were not being used and brought out at a moment's notice. (RC1614)

I was the chairman of the Benalla Amateur Coursing Club. (OMA5/4/1879)

I owned Merangan Station where we had a machine demonstration (Argus4/12/79)

Glenrowan Siege

I carried out theMagisterial Inquiry into the death of Martin Cherry and Joe Byrne. Com Standish was on the bench with me when we looked at Joe Byrne's case. (OMA1/7/80) (RC2903) (JJK) Royal Commission I was not called to give evidence by the Royal Commission Later

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