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east of Greta


The first selections in Moyhu were made in about 1856.

The name could come from the names of two chinese vegetable growers, Ah Moy and Ah Yu. Others say it is a corruption of Myrrhee.

Selections in the area (Argus12/10/66))

Importance of Moyhu



What was Moyhu like in the late 1870s

The town had lots of social events such as race meetings, picnics, ploughing matches and church dances. The Catholic Church was the first to be built. It was opened in 1875

Postal route from Moyhu to Hedi once a week

Facilities in Moyhu in the late 1870s

'Population Hotels Lewis' Hotel Church Catholic Local Government '

' Post Office'

Postal route between Wangaratta and Milawa, via Oxley , then to Moyhu Post Office, Taylor's Gap, Murmungee, Beechworth Other things of interest Andrew Byrne was the President of the Oxley Shire Council (OMA4/5/1879)

The police horse that the KellyGang collected from the police at Jerilderie had been bred by Mr John Evans, of Red Camp, near Moyhu.  (JJK)

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In 1871 Wild Wright was charged with stealing a horse from John and Andrew Byrne from Moyhu.

Jack Quinn, an uncle of Ned Kelly lived near Moyhu

Graves believed that the principal time that the KellyGang were out they kept in the immediate neighborhood between Greta and Moyhu. Either at Glenmore Station, or on the Hedi Station. There were always strange horses whenever he went up, or marks of strange horse in paddocks. It was his impression that they were in the district the whole time. (RC15507)

Members of the local community

What happened at Moyhu after the time of the Kelly Gang

The Moyhu Railway League (Argus13/9/83)

What is happening at Moyhu today

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